Brodie here. A Golden Commentary and Contemplation 10

This is a day for remembering.   A woman is now the democratic presumptive nominee to run for office of the 45th President of the United States.  This is not confusing.  The history books will find this so recorded.  The memory of this will be forever remembered and discussed.  Ask yourself “What will history record?”

My golden outlook tells me we should forget the associated edgy stuff that has been swirling around regarding the presidential candidates. History will not remember the tittle-tattle or speculation or even care.  So for the moment, “Just Drop it.” I get that this is not easily accomplished for many. I’ll share that I have worked hard learning how to do that command.  See, because I am a retriever, dropping something is just asking too much of me at times.  However, because of my gifted trainer and loving owners, I have learned to listen and not ask questions….usually.  Yes, I can identify that some folks want to hold onto the junk….and miss the moment.  Do yourself a favor, be trainable.  Open up your mind and know that history will so record this event as a monumental step for all humans…”Good Job!”