Brodie breaks out in hives

I had no idea what was happening to me.  There came this itch that I had to scratch…an itch that could not be relieved.  Scratching lead to more scratching…followed by an oatmeal bath…followed by popping a few Benadryl. Nothing brought relief… And then and only then…when I was able to isolate the reason(s) for this sudden on-set of misery…did I finally embrace relief.

So what was the diagnosis?!…Viewing extreme political antics and rhetoric backing up into bleach washed “e-mails that even God cannot view”, resulted in my extreme case of politically enhanced hives, vengeful hives, that my golden self could not overcome…shirk off…deny…Now I know how to avoid these hives.  1) Limit political reading to credible resources (still seeking a reliable pill with limited side effects to take for this.) 2) Conduct my own research. 3) Refrain from political conversations during dinner and socializing times.

In closing, hope you never suffer this like I did… beware… we have a long way to go in this 2016 race to the White House.  Stay healthy…

10 thoughts on “Brodie breaks out in hives

  1. Brodie.  Ziggy here.  I had the same thing and the humans took me to the doc who gives me baby food when he comes in the room.  I love him.  Anyhow I have a grass allergy and he gave me more baby food and a shot that I didn’t even feel.  My humans don’t  let me listen to this 2016 stuff but I think it is in the air and is part of my allergy.  Today is my birthday. ..I am 3.  Your pal, Ziggy.

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  2. Every time I just walk around in back yard I break out in that poison ivory stuff. I think poison ivory grows in elephant poop but there are no elephants here. Then too, I’m always itchin’ for chocolate.


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