Golden outlook on Battle or Swing States

Let us get right to it.  I had to do some golden research regarding the meaning of “battle ground”  verses “swing” states or vice a versa in this winding down race for the office of POTUS.  Findings:  Battle or Swing…same, same.  These are purple states (blending red and blue results in purple) that represent the states where no single candidate or party has overwhelming support in securing that state’s electoral college votes.  Presently, Colorado, Florida, Iowa, Michigan, Nevada, New Hampshire, North Carolina, Ohio, Pennsylvania, Virginia and Wisconsin are the purple beauties…

So, I prefer “swing” verses “battle”…who cares?!?..My golden self would favor swinging back and forth, pumping and enjoying the breeze…up until November 8th.  It’s just not in me to “battle”…

Everyone should show up and vote whether you live in a projected red, blue or purple state.

Golden Brodie recalls this sad week of politics

Looking back on the last several days of strange political twists and outlandish turns has brought me to a bespattered spot with both candidates.  Shocking and increasing dismay rolled over my golden coat as the mud-slinging increased…and I mean wet sloppy mud that once it dries…it’s there for a long time.  Trust me I know about mud and getting into trouble with the brown stuff.  Once I hit that unassuming mud puddle…it’s Katie bar the door…because I am into it up to my …and into my ears.  Yeah…it’s a thrill until I finally stop…and boy do I pay for loosing my mind. While I have learned from my mistakes…I still must be ever mindful about the ups and downs associated with mud…and live up to being a proud and responsible golden…I will happily counsel with both candidates, helping them develop their mindfulness…practicing healthy communication…ending their involvement with mud-slinging.


Brodie discusses the flip-flop

I listen to the news on a daily basis, paying particular attention to the presidential candidates… where they campaign…what they say…what their doctors say…what issues are beginning hammered on any given day…what is the mantra, the speak…who has their mojo working.  Lately, the speak dances steadily around “the flip-flop.”  Each candidate owns beaucoup (I’m practicing my french.) flip-flops, yet neither candidate acknowledges having flip-flops.  Well, allow me to tell you about my golden experience on this one.

When I was a young pup, learning my way…training, messing up…messing around…I had experiences with flip-flops.  My birth month is May, so being a golden pup my first summer posed many challenges.  Learning to hydrate… dealing with the summer heat…staying in the shade…keeping my mouth shut in deep water… waiting on and watching my people…avoiding hot car situations and keeping my self-destructive chewing at a minimum.  One of my biggest slip-ups involved the flip-flop.  I had this thing about chewing them up…screwing them up…tearing them up…and then hiding the leavings…very cheesy behavior that I had to over-come…and I’m not proud of this. Flip-flopping got me into big trouble…

So…these “want to be” POTUS candidates hopefully understand about what’s at stake when they make a reversal of their position, …when they volte-face (French practice again)…I’ll offer that it’s politics…it’s called blowing with the wind…going for the vote…working the polls…calling in the chit…  Alas, the flip-flop is here to stay…get over it…and continue listening carefully during these last 70 plus days until election day.


Brodie covers… “off-putting” Presidential Candidates

Some folks find Mr. T’s (R candidate) eating habits “a little more than off-putting.”  Examples of what he consumes are McDonald’s, overcooked steaks, bacon and over-well eggs, taco bowls and foods on sticks.  Other says that the Lady’s (D candidate) “sharp lecturing tone” is off-putting… so off-putting that folks who are open to her message…they can even tune out…missing her message due to her penetrating tone.  Let’s examine this.

Mr. T’s food choices are fine with me.  There is not one single food item on his list that I would turn down…and I’d for sure drag all of these dishes out of my kitchen trash can…but then I’m a golden.

The voice of the Lady…well, we should all strive to listen to each other.  Maybe…just perhaps…when becoming passionate about her topic… she can’t help but raise her voice to make a point.  Now…I will also offer that my trainer and my people find me more cooperative and responsive to an even tone that allows me to slow down, relax and listen…but then I’m a golden.

“Off-putting” is a weird combo of words.  The “off” I totally understand…but when teamed up with the “putting”…well…it’s just offensive to my golden sensibilities.

Brodie visits Pinocchio in the political hospital

I found my golden self in the political hospital intensive care visiting poor abused Pinocchio.  He’s been put through the ringer (Google it). His weary nose  continues stretching to record lengths during this race to grab the role of POTUS in 2017.  He really didn’t want to chat… He did reveal that he keeps trying to go into hiding, but alas the media is on him like a duck on a June bug (Google it).  Here’s why…

The Washington Post has a column by Glenn Kessler, journalist…Glenn researches statements, promises made by our candidates…vetting the statements…he uncovers half-truths/stretching the truth/full lies/flip-flopping and the piece de resistance comes when he awards a “Geppetto Checkmark” which represents “the truth and nothing but the truth.” Score is being kept for these infractions/stretches of the truth spouted by the Lady (D Party) and Mr. T (R Party) as they stump their way through rallies, gatherings, town hall meetings, interviews…late night scenes…Seems Mr. T has more Pinocchio’s than the Lady… however, the Post is quick to point out that Mr. T has made more speeches and appearances…and offered loads of impromptu remarks… than the Lady who reads from prepared scripts and has limited her appearances…he keeps getting caught up in his cuffs and she continues to deliver her lines promptly…

In the meantime, poor Pinocchio needs a vacation on an island that offers daily facials.  Put him in your thoughts as we roll toward the presidential debates.  Pinocchio told me he plans to fill his ears with cotton, turn off the TV…shut down his computer, mute his phone and hope that his nose picks up no vibrations…unless…of course…Geppetto Checkmark’s begin filling the airwaves.  Could happen?!