Golden Brodie yaps dirty paws

Well, yeah. I am one clean retriever. I get groomed each morning for 5 minutes…followed by a treat…I get a bath when needed with Oatmeal/Coconut Dog Shampoo…followed by a treat…and my paws get manicured every other week…nails trimmed often…with the required treat that follows.
So, you people are now buying shoes that look dirty and cost over $700 dollars?…say what?  My golden heart loves you all…but really you should call me if you find yourself buying expensive dirty shoes… I’m just sayin’  Paws Up!

Trending dirty sneakers.

Golden retrieves good news lemons

Sure…golden retrievers don’t drink lemonade but we do know a happy and golden undertaking when we see it.  The great state of Utah just legalized lemonade stands and other businesses run by kids.

lemonade sign
Come and get your fresh lemonade

Who would ever think that necessary?!..seems odd…but now Utah kiddies no longer need a $30 permit to exercise their entrepreneur spirit…earning money to so such things as shoveling snow and setting up a lemonade stand.  I’m clapping my paws together for these industrious kids…Utah’s state motto is “industry” and for those adults who passed a good golden rule law for “the Beehive State.”

Get ready to walk your dog to your neighborhood lemonade stand and support those golden kids.  Good on ya!

Uncomplicated Thoughts: Leader Bees

Honeybees could run congress.
Busy and productive honeybees cross-pollinate.
Unfortunately, honeybees are becoming extinct & it’s a mystery as to why.  Read this so you know how to help.



(krôs′pŏl′ə-nāt′, krŏs′-)

tr.v. cross-pol·li·nat·ed, cross-pol·li·nat·ing, cross-pol·li·nates

1. To pollinate (a flower) by means of cross-pollination.
2. To influence or inspire (another), especially in a reciprocal manner.

American Heritage® Dictionary of the English Language, Fifth Edition. Copyright © 2016 by Houghton Mifflin Harcourt Publishing Company. Published by Houghton Mifflin Harcourt Publishing Company. All rights reserved.


Brodie barks about a special tree that come every Christmas Season since 1923

My golden dog sled is ready to take me to the official lighting of the National Christmas Tree on the South Lawn (the backyard) of the White House on Thursday, December 1.  But wait, how did this 94-year-old tradition get its start?

Pres. Calvin Coolidge lights the first outdoor Christmas Tree on the White House Lawn
In 1923, Pres. Calvin Coolidge lights the first outdoor Christmas Tree on the White House Lawn

When our 30th President, Calvin Coolidge, along with his family, celebrated their first Christmas in the White House…they decided to have a tree for all of the people.  So, on December 24, 1923, the first official National Outdoor Christmas Tree was lite.

This event has evolved into a huge televised celebration with entertainment and something for every peep that continues throughout the holiday season.  For instance, The National Hanukkah Menorah Lighting Ceremony will take place on Sunday, December 25, 2016, 4 p.m.

I’ll close with some words to the wise.  Trees inside can blow a dog’s mind… we become challenged to maintain our cool with the tree and decorations and all…so think about how to help us do the right us avoid watching the sad clean ups and pet shame…we want a happy and calm time.  I’m just saying…Here comes the season to be jolly (and wise about the four legs in your home.)

P.S.  For you cats out there…maybe this will help ya’ll stay off the tree and on the floor.  Good luck with that.


Brodie cautions -No creepy clowning around

Yeah…scary Halloween clowns are not the good look this year… due to the creepy clowns that keep surfacing throughout the United States and now into Europe…Germany has announced “zero tolerance” for the creepy clowns.  So…sweet clowns give us laughs through their kindness and innocense…but these creepy clowns have crossed over the spirit of this 2,000 year old autumn celebration.

Be safe this Halloween and have a golden trick or treat.


Check out the article that appeared in The Washington Post.

Brodie looks up to the Lady

The Statue of Liberty arrived in New York City on June 17,1885, giving nationwide excitement to the USA after making her journey across the Atlantic. She was a gift from the French government.  Her dedication took place on October 28, 1886 and she has spread her light of freedom and liberty forever since for 130 years. She is our rock.  She symbolizes such goldenness…that is not a word..I know…but…it’s my way of saying how very special this Lady is to me.

During these challenging times, let’s remember her.

Brodie masters the political numbers

52 pick-up is a blast.  I love playing cards and just lately I have found myself saying  “deal me in.”  And lately, I have been working on my numbers…yeah…I have a canine history right out of the litter of not being on top of my math facts.  I have tried to better myself and have recently been working on place value comprehension.  See the past few days…my dog ears hear ad nauseam about… no taxes paid…dodging the process…dirty dealing…shifty books…?! And the numbers ranked way out of my golden brain…so I motivated myself to improve…saw an opportunity! So, I got the one’s place, got the 10’s place, got the 100’s place, got the thousands…but when reading numbers out loud that roll into the millions…I’m stumped…The number I practiced with is 915,729,293…whooper correct!!! So, the ingenuity in me said tackle this from another angle and so…I started focusing on rounding up and I slammed that down!!! Got it! 916,000,000 and to make it even easier…916 million (dollars).  See there is more than one way to get an egg from a chicken…forget that saying about a cat…it’s unkind.

Paws up…be sure to take yourself to Longwood University, Farmville, VA to experience the veep candidates debate.