Golden thoughts about “Move-it-in and Move-it-out”

As a mature golden retriever I work each day on staying calm…but things that really upset me have to do with moving things around…you know like rearranging the furniture…putting things into boxes and suitcases…I just get a little worried.  Well, the biggest move is about to happen tomorrow in the White House…“The most frenzied American ritual you’ve never seen is called the “transfer of families,” a five-hour tsunami of activity that transforms President Obama’s home into President Trump’s.”

Kitchen prep in The White House
Kitchen prep in The White House

If I were there for this frantic…beat the clock move…I’d position my golden-self in the kitchen…no boxes…no relocating stuff…just folks cooking up a storm of food for the coming guests of the President…which opens up the possibility for crumbs…perhaps a scrap or two!?!  Peace…Paws Up!


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