Hydrangea Pruning ~ The RIGHT Way!

All of ya’ll out there who have these lovelies…so many of us talk about our hydrangeas with a certain level of mystery…how…when to prune…well here you go! Bloom on!!!!

The Naturarian

 It’s just getting warm enough to be outside for a bit of yard work. I gave my two, new PeeGee hydrangeas (Hydrangeapaniculata ‘Grandiflora’) a haircut.


Hydrangeas are a mystery for some folks. Many people complain of non-blooming hydrangeas and incorrect pruning is usually to blame.

Although there are many kinds of hydrangea, they all fall into only two types of pruning.

Mophead (Macrophyllas) and Oakleaf (Quercifolia) Hydrangea types bloom on OLD WOOD.

Mopheads (think afro) are pink or blue*  (white are rare), very round blooms OR a circular bloom with larger blooms around smaller.


Oakleaf have white cone flowers like the paniculata, however the leaves look like oak leaves, very distinctive.


OLD WOOD = stems that have been on the hydrangea since the summer before the current season.

This group of hydrangeas set their flower buds around August, September or October for the following summer’s blooms…

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