Amazing photographs of humming birds from blogger: Cindy Knoke

Hanging out with the hummers.

Rethinking Life

Coming home means hanging out with the hummers. I don’t worry about them when I’m gone. I just miss them. My husband, the actual-factual, logical-biostatistician, said incredulously, “They fly up to me like they missed me.” He’s not used to thinking like this, but he can’t help noticing such obvious birdy behavior. Speaking of birdy […]

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Natural World Haiku: Arum-lily

Native southern africa

Calla lily pure angel

Symbol of rebirth

Haiku poem by PamelaWLucas 5/28/17

Inspirational photos taken by Fe Caces 5/17

Orange Calla lily
An orange spring beauty of gratitude

Calla lily symbolizes appreciation, admiration, passion and gratitude…So very appropriate for this Memorial Day weekend.