Golden Brodie barks “Give Your Dog a Job”

Ever since I was a pup…I have been working on being a  well-behaved dog…I’ve been at this for three years and it never ends. I’ve also learned to listen and follow my instincts…the retrieving part…so I get things…yes I do understand quite a bit…but I mean I go and “get things”…like my toys.

Golden Retriever Brodie with his white bunny toy
Brodie with bunny

She says “Go get your toy!”… and off I go…retrieve the toy and bring it for a playtime.  I’m also still working on calming down…goal in mind… become a Therapy Dog…so I’ve been practicing outside of my local hospital…learning to take my place…be calm…and just do nothing…that’s right nothing…just sit or lay down and accept the gentle hands that pet me…It’s my job…hey somebody has to do it.

We all need a job…yes even dogs…certain dogs are happiest when they have a purpose…consider teaching your dog how to help you with chores around the house…and of course…don’t forget the tricks!  


19 thoughts on “Golden Brodie barks “Give Your Dog a Job”

  1. My dog behaviorist and I are going to see how Tippy does at herding. We’re pretty sure she has some Australian Shepherd in her, so she should enjoy that.


  2. In my experience – it’s so true, yet it varies with the breed and what they enjoy most. I was a spaniel gal in the past and now have three Welsh Terriers. The oldest wants to hang out and wait for food … until someone comes to the door. Her job is door alert! The youngest female is all about working – with retrieving the biggest stick she can carry in her mouth and parading it around the garden. Or digging the best hole ever! Her job is to make full use of what is, and be alert to capture birds and chipmunks. The youngest, who is a boy, loves to please and obey commands . His role is to be alert to noises and protect the perimeter/possible invasion.
    Life was so much simpler with one … or even two dogs 💛


    1. Can’t image the challenges…and the reward of having several are so right in that it’s so important to know the dog…not just the breed..they are unique just like you and me. Enjoyed your comment so very much. A golden thanks!

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