Golden Brodie barks “Give Your Dog a Job”

Ever since I was a pup…I have been working on being a  well-behaved dog…I’ve been at this for three years and it never ends. I’ve also learned to listen and follow my instincts…the retrieving part…so I get things…yes I do understand quite a bit…but I mean I go and “get things”…like my toys.

Golden Retriever Brodie with his white bunny toy
Brodie with bunny

She says “Go get your toy!”… and off I go…retrieve the toy and bring it for a playtime.  I’m also still working on calming down…goal in mind… become a Therapy Dog…so I’ve been practicing outside of my local hospital…learning to take my place…be calm…and just do nothing…that’s right nothing…just sit or lay down and accept the gentle hands that pet me…It’s my job…hey somebody has to do it.

We all need a job…yes even dogs…certain dogs are happiest when they have a purpose…consider teaching your dog how to help you with chores around the house…and of course…don’t forget the tricks!  


Golden Brodie rides elevators and finds history

I work daily at expanding my golden horizons. Each day my training broadens my possibilities of one day perhaps being a therapy dog…so I’m riding elevators now.  Elevators are just a fact of life that I will need to understand as my world broadens.  Gotta not be thrown by those doors that seemingly suddenly open sideways…acclimate to the up & down feeling in my dog gut when the box stops or takes off going up…gotta walk into that box and sit down…give peeps their space…move to the back…you know all of the etiquette of elevator riding.  Next time you ride one…look for this name OTIS.  I noticed that OTIS is always in those boxes.  Here’s why.

In 1853, the inventor Elisha Otis demonstrated his stellar emergency spring that allowed a platform to stop and suspend itself.  That day people who attended  P.T. Barnum’s Traveling World’s Fair in New York, gasped with disbelief when Elisha stood on a platform raised 40 feet in the air…and with his swift sword slashed the rope that held him & the platform mid-air.  The platform dropped only a foot and stopped… And that my friends was the beginning of  Otis Elevator Co. that lead to safe elevators and the construction of those “skyscrapers” we all admire.

Space age looking elevators in Berlin
Space age looking elevators in Berlin

Just a little info nugget for ya…let’s go ride some elevators.  Pick up those paws!

Brodie here. SheShe go. Brodie stay.

Life can quickly change. SheShe has gone on a trip to Ireland and will be gone for 17 days. HeHe said that he and I are “holding down the fort.” Whatever that means. HeHe says this is no big deal and we’ll be just fine. I love this man, this alpha man, but I can’t help thinking that for the next 17 days, life as I know it is on hold.

Golden Brodie on the bedSheShe left a list. It’s a long list of “To Do’s” and its living on the kitchen counter top. Before leaving, she read it out loud to both of us. I really appreciated that. My stuff was first on the list and written in great detail, down to my poop schedule. Seriously, she wrote that my “poop window “is anywhere from 6-10 minutes once out of the door and when my system is regular, I unload three times a day. I had no idea that she times my releases. Anyway, the other stuff that made her list was watering the plants, inside and out; emptying the dishwasher; emptying the kitchen trash (less it stink); vacuuming at least once a week (good luck with that one) and leaving the doors to the front load washer and dryer open when not in use.  No worries on that because he never washes clothes.

SheShe uses organizational skills at home and in our daily lives with a how to “get her done” attitude, but she does not understand that this is simply a silly list for those of us remaining behind.

See, HeHe has already made his own decisions about what the “Brodie Drill” will be. I just feel it. The man does it to a different tuner…Is that how you say it?  See, I am a creature of habit and I know that SheShe set my habits in place when I was a puppy. She takes me out first thing in the morning and then makes the coffee. She takes me to see my trainer and to the vet.  She takes me to the local library and hardware stores so I can practice behaving while I am working on possibly becoming a therapy dog. She takes me on nature walks . She walks me through the neighborhood and we socialize (when I can listen.)  She loads my food ball twice daily and lovingly wipes my mouth when I’m finished.  She talks to me in silly and funny tones and often gives me her smiles.  She puts drops in my ears, gives me pills when needed and grooms me daily. I am already missing her and I am not myself. We’ll be fine.

See, I love HeHe but he’s not the one who sets me into each day.  He likes when I greet him and sit at his feet while he reads. He likes to take me outside with him while he does yard work and enjoys his beer. He’ll let me wipe my face on the furniture after I eat and he’s proud of me when I retrieve. He likes to take me in the car to run an errand.  He takes me for 2 mile walks.  He likes it when the three of us are a team.  He told SheShe before she left that he was going to work from home as often as his job would permit, so I would not be lonely.  What a guy.  We’re going for a deeper bond.
I think they understand that I am going to feel different for 17 days.  And I think each of us are going to deal with this in our own way.  Oh my, I think HeHe just put the list in the drawer.  Ha!  Here comes our great adventure. Come on day 18.

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