Brodie barks about dogs at the First Thanksgiving

We’re beginning to get ready for our Thanksgiving celebration.  Lots to do for humans and tons of things for a golden dog like me to watch while they do it.  The deliciously different smells in the kitchen…the unusual movements…the special serving pieces that make different noises when placed on the table…the real wax candles that smell of spices…the gaiety in the air and the smiles…it’s starting.

Makes my golden mind wonder about those two dogs… an English Mastiff and a Springer Spaniel…that some historians say crossed over the Atlantic in 1620 on The Mayflower and according to journals…attended the first feast shared by the new settlers and the Wampanoag tribe.

So, as we prepare for giving thanks and being grateful, I’m feeling humbled by the sacrifices these people made and the tradition that came as a result of their persistent fortitude.  Watch and listen…

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