Brodie barks about dogs at the First Thanksgiving

We’re beginning to get ready for our Thanksgiving celebration.  Lots to do for humans and tons of things for a golden dog like me to watch while they do it.  The deliciously different smells in the kitchen…the unusual movements…the special serving pieces that make different noises when placed on the table…the real wax candles that smell of spices…the gaiety in the air and the smiles…it’s starting.

Makes my golden mind wonder about those two dogs… an English Mastiff and a Springer Spaniel…that some historians say crossed over the Atlantic in 1620 on The Mayflower and according to journals…attended the first feast shared by the new settlers and the Wampanoag tribe.

So, as we prepare for giving thanks and being grateful, I’m feeling humbled by the sacrifices these people made and the tradition that came as a result of their persistent fortitude.  Watch and listen…

Brodie learns about food rationing

It’s Thanksgiving soon and we are all consumed with the associated thoughts of feasting, family and friendship.  How fortunate I feel.  My peeps will have one familial event recorded on their many cell phones, iPads, 35mm cameras and Skype. Then they’ll post the stuff on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and so on.  The social aspects roll on.  That’s todays fun and entertainment.

I want to take you back to two periods in our USA history…a time when we were at war, WWI and WWII.  I bring this up because during those difficult years we as a nation buckled down.  Food was scarce.  Food went first to the troops.  People bought limited amounts of certain commodities through rationing…ration stamps. So my golden mind took me to those times, thinking about what Thanksgiving was all about then…

Rationing came into place by our government and families were strongly encouraged to eat simply…meatless meals…and forget about sugar.  What a prized commodity sugar became…and coffee…and flour…yes the very basics.  I’m thinking everyone worked together, helped out and got involved in the war effort…while missing their stuff.

I feel golden sure that on Thanksgiving Day folks were even more grateful for whatever they had as they struggled.  But then…the food was secondary for those who had loved ones serving in the war…those who had lost a loved one…and those who simply felt the unrest of not knowing what the future held.

Our country held together and came out on this side of freedom both times.  This Thanksgiving season I’m going to say a special thanks to those serving our nation and especially to those away from home …and a special moment for those who we have lost…we will remain forever a grateful nation.

So this Thanksgiving, my grateful heart will enjoy watching all of the cell phone action, getting my many pets and walks and giving out my goldeness.   Peace baby and paws Up!

P.S.  Dogs don’t do coffee but…How fortunate that you can have as many Starbuck’s with all of the sugar possible…all of the cream…whenever…


Brodie licks pumpkin and dreams of turducken

We’re getting ready for Thanksgiving. The peeps are talking who’s making what…what’s the final head count?…who ordered the Turducken?!…the what??? yeah, that’s a deboned chicken stuffed into a deboned duck, further stuffed into a deboned turkey…did you get that?  Now I must admit my dog lips would love to grab some of that…no such luck…I don’t get people food…but then I do.

Thanksgiving time always means I get some celebration in my dish…like canned pumpkin mixed lightly in my evening meal. The pilgrims and Native Americans liked pumpkin and so do I.  Funny part is that throughout the year if my dog insides start having problems, I get served some canned pumpkin to get me regular and settled…but Thanksgiving reaps the bounty of the pumpkin just because I get something special and it’s really good for me.  Now, while I really appreciate the canned pumpkin and it’s nutritional rewards…I do wish for and would give thanks for some of that three-layered foul thing landing in my bowl.

Giving thanks and feeling grateful.