Haiku: Cardinal Flower

Red gets attention
Butterflies seek their nectar
Plant and they will come

Haiku by PamelaWLucas 9/2/17

Inspirational photo by CCO Creative Commons at Pixabay

The natural world Haiku: tiny water

Butterflies have needs
Oasis serves survival
A nourishing find

Haiku by PamelaWLucas 7/30/17

Inspirational photo by PamelaWLucas 7/30/17

Haiku: Shrimp in the garden

Tropical showing
Sun exposure brings color
Beckons hummingbirds

Haiku by PamelaWLucas 7/14/17

Inspirational photo by PamelaWLucas 7/14/17

Attract humming birds and butterflies…grow shrimp plants

Haiku: All that is morning

Nature’s early rise

Unfurl unwind opening

waiting for the sun

Morning glory ready to unfurl.
Morning glory ready to unfurl

Haiku by PamelaWLucas 6/16/17

Inspirational photo by PamelaWLucas 6/16/17

Morning glory vines attract hummingbirds!