Haiku: a precious puddle

A Silvery Checkerspot
Puddling on a mushroom
Miniature beauty

Haiku poem by PamelaWLucas 9/6/17

Inspirational photo by Tara McLaughlin in her butterfly garden. 9/17


Butterflies need to puddle…how to attract butterflies.

The natural world Haiku: tiny water

Butterflies have needs
Oasis serves survival
A nourishing find

Haiku by PamelaWLucas 7/30/17

Inspirational photo by PamelaWLucas 7/30/17

Haiku: Common yet not

The Common Milkweed
Host to Monarch Butterflies
Plant for Migration

Stalk of Common milkweed
Stalk of Common Milkweed

Haiku by PamelaWLucas 7/25/17

Inspirational photo taken in Veronica Sanchez’s garden by PamelaWLucas 7/17

Create Habitat for Monarchs

Haiku: Hosting butterflies

Each offers a home

Butterflies seek out their host

Plant and they will come

Haiku by PamelaWLucas 7/15/17

Inspiring photo by PamelaWLucas 7/15/17

Butterflies are particular and each has its own host plant preference.  Read up, plant accordingly and they will come.


Haiku: A Skipper

Tiny bright orange
Small and skipping butterfly
Skipper loves the sun

Haiku by PamelaWLucas 7/11/17

Inspirational photo by GaryMLucas 7/9/17

The Delaware Skipper is a lovely little butterfly that flits and moves quickly.  Fun to watch.  Learn how to identify butterflies.

Haiku: Evolving


Life cycle protects and saves

Eastern Tiger Swallowtail

newly emerged Eastern Swallowtail
Newly emerged Eastern Tiger Swallowtail

Haiku by PamelaWLucas 4/25/17

Photo provided by Kat DeYoung, Prescott, Arizona, 2017

Haiku: Honey makers

Come honey makers

Pollinate the bee magic

Summer please bring them

Swallowtail butterfly nectaring on an orange lily
Swallowtail butterfly nectaring on an orange lily

When buying seeds for spring planting, consider growing flowers that attract honey bees and butterflies and end the use of harmful pesticides that kill the honey bee population and harm the butterfly cycle of life.

Linger little one

Delicate delight
When you leave where do you go?
Linger little one

Haiku poem by PamelaWLucas 9/25/16

An Eastern Tailed Blue Butterfly nectaring on Fireworks/Golden Rod Photo by Tara McLaughlin 9/16