My Honeysuckle Grove

There are days when I wish I were somewhere else, somewhere other than my usual place. You know, like being in a gondola in Venice or sitting in the natural spring baths in Iceland or maybe even Giant Stadium, catching the California sun-rays or perhaps back in New Orleans eating gumbo & listening to street jazz. But today, when Brodie, my golden retriever and I were walking through the woods behind our house in Virginia, I thought… this is exactly right for us. When I told myself that I was content with walking my dog and noticing nature at its spring best, I became mindful of my surroundings. I got into the moment, and into the Honeysuckle grove that surrounded us with sweet fragrance and lush green.

The bouquet of the honeysuckle blossoms wafted lightly in the air. I remembered back to when I was a little girl. I thought of my kind grandfather showing me how to suck the sweet nectar from the inside of a honeysuckle blossom. I could see his huge but gentle hands delicately sliding the stamen out of the body of the flower while dragging the delightful honey out to meet his tongue. There was an art to this and I was a good student. Granddaddy preferred the yellow blossoms, saying they were sweeter.  I agreed. He was right.

So in honor of our honeysuckle grove and in celebration of becoming mindful with little effort, we harvested some of the blossoms. The next day I remained content being exactly where I was, as I sipped my homemade Honeysuckle & Spearmint Iced Tea.  My liquid refreshment was a simple and sweet memory drink.

Honeysuckle and Spearmint Tea

Pick about 3 cups of honeysuckle blossoms
Sprigs of Spearmint

Pick fresh blossoms, removing all leaves and stems.
In a container with a lid, add the blossoms to about 3 cups of boiling water. Add a few spearmint leaves. Cover the container and steep for at least 6 hours in the refrigerator.
Strain the liquid through cheesecloth.  Enjoy over ice and with a sprig of spearmint.

Mindful Moments

Walk and think
Walk and dream
Walk and realize
The Honeysuckle memories
Pamelalucas 5/1/16

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