Brodie Here. Commentary and Contemplation 4… What’s happeing?

What’s happening out there?

I’m a confused golden retrieverBrodie commnetary…..when it’s over, it’s not over?  suspending… then another suspension, sounds suspicious to’s not over..$27.00 checks are still “berning” through the mail. …Finally no more pachyderms permitted under the big top…no more elephant tricks finally!  Wanting peace for all elephants worldwide. …flipping Pennsylvania like a pancake soon???… (I love the great State of PA and flapjacks as well)… narcissistic policy disorder…Don’t know what that is but it sounds contagious.  What is the White House Daily Briefing?  Is that when reporters, correspondents and some select politicians gather in the Press Room and as soon as they are all assembled, windows are flung open so rafts of the hot air can escape? I truly don’t know.  Dressing up like a panda in public places is dangerous…unless it’s Halloween…be safe out there people …. I’m confused. 1209 North Orange Street in Wilmington, Delaware is brimming over with 285,00 businesses and firms, all of which are under the same roof?!  Are these penniless people who are seeking a shelter? How do these people co-exist with each other, living in such close quarters? I’m guessing that they all agree to jump through big gaps that are throughout this house and they always stay out of each others way. what is that?.. A compound word? Somebody call a lawyer please… Garage Sales?… Is that when people get up early, especially during the summer months, get road coffee, then drive around looking for handmade signs and connecting with Tweets that advertise a garage for sale??? just the garage??? what about the house?……suspending and not conceding in the preliminary race for the presidency?…what ever happened to conceding…how about saying congratulations over the phone to the other candidates?..Can’t answer my question… then something is up…Pharmaceutical corporation liars still continuing with their pants on fire;…hug a dog, don’t hug a dog?dog hug..very interesting…pay attention and think on this because we are learning everyday…Coal Country, I love you West Virginia…stay away from those voter controller people…. The woman card?..playing the woman card?…is that like playing 52 pick-up with one of the queens missing?…Politicians continue playing this vacuous game.  I’m confused….a new type of driver’s license that detects the sex of the driver….cards will be utilized to gain entrance into the appropriate public bathroom?….I know?!… I don’t think so because the chip might change?  Do classes exist for politicians to learn how to “know when to hold ’em, know when to fold ’em…know when to run card tricks?…word of the day is “trick”…those political tricks with a whack-a-mole twist… keep cropping up…. The homeless deserve respect and need a safe space.  Are synonyms something you eat? I’m confused…. I think I had some of them the other day but they all tasted the same. Big horse race coming up…bet on the gray even if there isn’t one racing…they usually win.

What is going on out there?  This is exhausting.  Please be sure to breath, stay cool and most of all, ears up.

Support information provided regarding the departure of circus elephants, tax shelter in Delaware and hug a dog/don’t hug a dog:

Ringling Bros. and Barnum & Bailey/ Center for Elephant Conservation

On-shore….Delaware serving as a tax haven/tax shelter for large corporations..

Hug or not to hug a dog…..


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