Brodie howls “presidential debates”

On your mark, get set…watch the presidential debates.  Don’t give up on this horse race until somebody crosses the November finish line.  Two favorites…a seasoned political mare wearing blue, a never been in the political world wild stallion sporting red… both at the gate along with two long shots…an independent entry in gold silks and a green & progressive entry in green silks. So don’t tune out…tune in and get ready to pick your winner… forget the place & show…it’s winner take all.  Take the polls with a few grains of salt.  If you ever took a course in simple statistics you understand how the survey process works and that the management of data can reach about any outcome…the larger the sample, the smaller the margin of error…with a 4 percent margin of error…see that sounds good…but trust yourself and the information you have gathered.

My golden ears and eyes are open to this horse race as they make the turn to the finish and my racing form waits ready for the following dates:

Presidential debates 2016 dates:

Monday, Sept. 26

Sunday, Oct. 9

Wednesday, Oct. 19



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