Brodie gets close and licks your ear

The golden in me wants to get close to you, lean on you…maybe lick one of your ears.  See dogs are really good at knowing human upset…good at reading your emotions…good at feeling your unhappiness…feeling your joy.

So…please allow me to move in on you if you are working through some feelings…some emotions related to the outcome of our presidential election last night.  I was with my people and although I didn’t understand…I read the room and moved into my humans…giving my golden self to my good peeps.  I never miss an opportunity to get pets…if you read the researched article…science “has no clue” how a dog’s brain works…but I get it…we just need ya and you need us.

We all need each other…

Golden Brodie researches a good chuckle for donkeys and elephants

As we approach the “end game” on November 8th some peeps out there have drawn…what I’ll call silly conclusions about sizing up the voters…Perhaps because this is nail-biting time, getting off of the fence time…voter fatigue time…don’t know what else to do with myself time…loose your mind time…turn off that sponsored campaign ad time.  Read this and have a golden chuckle…we could all use some levity right now…

  • Donkeys prefer vanilla ice cream
  • Elephants prefer chocolate ice cream
  • Donkeys are a thriving species
  • Elephants are an endangered species
  • Popular Donkey Car: Toyota Prius
  • Popular Elephant Car: Dodge Ram 1500
  • Donkeys prefer living in cities
  • Elephants prefer living in the country
  • Donkeys prefer veggie-burgers
  • Elephants prefer hamburgers
  • Donkeys like cats
  • Elephants like dogs
  • Donkeys want good paying jobs
  • Elephants want good paying jobs
  • Donkeys want the best education possible
  • Elephants want the best education possible
  • Donkeys want to feel safe and be safe
  • Elephants want to feel safe and be safe
  • Donkeys want what’s best for our country
  • Elephants want what’s best for our country

…in the end we share more than is realized…go vote…you’ll only regret what you don’t do…paws up!



Brodie yaps on about meeting a Waterloo

Heard this name the other day…Made a golden point to read up about Napoleon Bonaparte…seems this larger than life tactical, conquering guy who became an emperor… who conquered much of Europe in the early 19th century…experienced continuing success at building his empire…and then…he meet his Waterloo?!…What is that??…Well, it’s the thing that one of the candidates for POTUS 2017 will be owning after all the votes are in and counted on November 8th.  Hard fought on both sides…both candidates had their moments of seeming unbeatable…but now the waters are cresting…running freely and there is no stopping the outcome…history in the making.

“Do not dwell in the past, do not dream of the future, concentrate the mind on the present moment.”  Buddha

…now that is a golden thought.


Brodie opined, shifted then sifted then the leak

Reflecting here… what have we learned during this presidential campaign for POTUS term 2017-20??!…I must admit that my golden confusion has stayed with me through this whole process…Let me share…I consistently opined that my golden outlook kept me square in the middle…no right…no left…in the center, mid, midway…try to do that sometime…it’s quite the challenge.  I endeavored  to uplift all elephants and donkeys…I focused on the facts…sometimes with drool comments…excuse me… droll comments.  There was never a leak coming from me…until today, however…I could not help this…My thoughts took me to the day after the election…November 9th…the day after…and I leaked.  I realized that I must prepare myself…either way…I must lay golden ground work thoughts for the next administration…donkey or elephant.  Hopefully, many folks will also formulate their feelings and thoughts and go for the gold…rise above and help our country move forward…for the good…for the nation…for the same boat.

Brodie drops “The List” for Election Day

Amazing that over 10 million elephants and donkeys have already voted for their POTUS….as of October 29th…and November 8 is drawing near..the drop dead date…the final…the closing bell…the bottom-line…the jig will be up date.  So, I put together a golden list for your consideration…for those of you who are choosing to vote in a traditional manner…voting on THE DAY in your assigned polling place.  Remember that I am a dog and therefore cannot vote…but this would be my list to follow if I could…

  • Rise early and consume a healthy breakfast.  Avoid doubling down on anything…that’s over… and by all means “avoid any challenges such as “I triple-dog dare you to vote for ….Stand firm even if you feel the ground rocking under your paws…sorry feet.
  • Be sure to bring your Rabies Certificate…my bad… State Driver’s License.
  • Greet all donkeys and elephants who are working the entrance and exit polling.  Greet all who are running the voting process.  Grab some good karma while waiting.
  • Hear no evil, speak no evil, see no evil while waiting in the voting line.
  • Do not take a selfie while voting.  If you have a child/children, take them…lovely teaching moment.
  • Remember loose lips sink ships.  Keep it to yourself.
  • And finally, do not procrastinate… as we all know this can possibly lead to blocked bowel syndrome.
  • Vote and proudly wear your sticker.
  • Do not chase your tail…forgive me… don’t pace the floor during the returns.

Brodie takes you to a point

So what is the point at this point of the presidential election process…voting for the next president of the USA…voting for your member of the House of Representatives…voting for your state senator…

Well, this little guy Oblio with his dog Arrow have been around since 1971…watch and see how everyone and everything has had a point forever…so long ago…so many points that few listen!?!…the thems…theys…hes…the shes…especially if the point is not on their point.

Give yourself 10 sweet golden moments and get a another point going.  Lots of messages in this point.




Brodie gives you a list…

My golden self likes lists…a list gets right to it…I remember orderly… short thoughts …a list is easy on my golden vocabulary…So here’s your list for daily reference as we prepare to get out and vote…

  • the wind is in your face if you stick your head out of the car window…ears flapping
  • some want to drain a swamp?…with their vote
  • there are 412 doors and 147 windows in the White House
  • Abe Lincoln said, “I destroy my enemy when I make him my friend.”
  • the White House has 50 Chemex coffee makers etched with the presidential seal
  • most want the best for USA…what is the best?
  • On November 8 the White House Bowling Alley will be vacant?
  • Blue and Red make purple?
  • Your health is everything…so is your care
  • Saying and doing are two different things
  • Golden thoughts…kind remarks…make the day

Read, ponder, vote


Brodie digs up the “Genie in the Polls” granting wishes

Ok…I did my golden best to understand and research these presidential polls that many are obsessing over.   Admitting that I came away confused…yes I did and for solid reasons.  Confusing at best is the manner in which polling information comes together, then massaged, spun and refined and finally reported…shared.  I got into quartile, outliers (Yes, they are out there!), data, margin of error, subsets, median, data points, statistics, range, biased sampling, upper fence and lower fence (really…???…I thought I knew what a fence was…wrong!), margin of error, sampling collection, results…and on it goes.  Here’s the deal…there’s a genie in these numbers…working the numbers…every poll has its purpose…and can be handled in such as way as to produce the results wanted…key word…wanted results.  Some polls attempt to use protocols that present the results in a fair and unbiased way.  So…here’s your Golden Polling 101.  Not full proof…but consider doing your own digging…Start getting on top of these numbers…Go get it……

270toWin Make your own interactive map for presidential results…see different models…some like this…some don’t

538 A polling aggregation website…some dig it…some don’t

These are just two sources for your polling entertainment…the more you dig… the better you’ll feel…about this presidential deal…information is golden power.




Brodie barks: Write in “DUCK” for President

According to the latest on the Internet…43 states allow a Write in Ballot for the President of the USA.  Which 7 don’t?…Arkansas, Hawaii, Louisiana, Mississippi, Nevada, Oklahoma, South Dakota.

Per Bloomberg…most States require a candidate to register, however; Vermont, Wyoming, Oregon, New Hampshire, New Jersey, Iowa, Delaware, and Alabama do not require registration.

Thirty-five states require that a write-in candidate must submit some form of affidavit and, sometimes, a filing fee at least one month before the election. In North Carolina, these candidates must circulate a petition. Then their names are posted on a list at the polling place, though not on the official ballot. Other write-in votes become trash.

So, my best golden treats are going to “Duck for President”…and why not?!! Duck has a clean bill (ha) of health…he has no funny money anywhere…(He has no money.)…he has no body/company/bird/in his pocket…(He has no pockets or political feathers on his body.)…he’s a possible alternative to those who refuse to cast their vote for either the donkey or elephant candidate…I understand…and if Mr. J or Mrs. Green don’t work either…then practice writing “DUCK” in preparation for voting day.

First debate coming up this Monday, September 26…hold the pate & foie gras.

“A Fresh Bill on Capitol Hill…Duck for President” by  Doreen Cronin is a wonderful teaching tool for lower school students.  Ms. Cronin additionally wrote Click, Clack, Moo…Cows that Type.

Brodie howls “presidential debates”

On your mark, get set…watch the presidential debates.  Don’t give up on this horse race until somebody crosses the November finish line.  Two favorites…a seasoned political mare wearing blue, a never been in the political world wild stallion sporting red… both at the gate along with two long shots…an independent entry in gold silks and a green & progressive entry in green silks. So don’t tune out…tune in and get ready to pick your winner… forget the place & show…it’s winner take all.  Take the polls with a few grains of salt.  If you ever took a course in simple statistics you understand how the survey process works and that the management of data can reach about any outcome…the larger the sample, the smaller the margin of error…with a 4 percent margin of error…see that sounds good…but trust yourself and the information you have gathered.

My golden ears and eyes are open to this horse race as they make the turn to the finish and my racing form waits ready for the following dates:

Presidential debates 2016 dates:

Monday, Sept. 26

Sunday, Oct. 9

Wednesday, Oct. 19