Brodie digs up the “Genie in the Polls” granting wishes

Ok…I did my golden best to understand and research these presidential polls that many are obsessing over.   Admitting that I came away confused…yes I did and for solid reasons.  Confusing at best is the manner in which polling information comes together, then massaged, spun and refined and finally reported…shared.  I got into quartile, outliers (Yes, they are out there!), data, margin of error, subsets, median, data points, statistics, range, biased sampling, upper fence and lower fence (really…???…I thought I knew what a fence was…wrong!), margin of error, sampling collection, results…and on it goes.  Here’s the deal…there’s a genie in these numbers…working the numbers…every poll has its purpose…and can be handled in such as way as to produce the results wanted…key word…wanted results.  Some polls attempt to use protocols that present the results in a fair and unbiased way.  So…here’s your Golden Polling 101.  Not full proof…but consider doing your own digging…Start getting on top of these numbers…Go get it……

270toWin Make your own interactive map for presidential results…see different models…some like this…some don’t

538 A polling aggregation website…some dig it…some don’t

These are just two sources for your polling entertainment…the more you dig… the better you’ll feel…about this presidential deal…information is golden power.




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