Golden Brodie digs up unusual stuff on #7

Do you know who #7 was?  Hint:  Initials AJ…yes, you got it…Andrew Jackson.  His history is loaded with goodie dog treats… with factoids that will raise your awareness of this man who was loved by many, yet a very controversial figure.  Like this…

Jackson’s parents emigrated from Ireland…Jackson killed a man in a duel and carried a bullet in his body as a result of this stand-off…”Old Hickory” won the popular vote for president three times…He was the target of the first attempted presidential assassination…He adopted two Native American boys…and much more…”Old Hickory stabled his steady stead at the White House…Sam Patch…a white stallion that he rode during the War of 1812…AJ also had a racehorse, Truxton and an African grey parrot named Poll…who cussed like a sailor, offending many guests.

Golden interesting…

3 thoughts on “Golden Brodie digs up unusual stuff on #7

  1. You ask me a President with the initial A.J. and I automatically think Andrew Johnson, because, well, I live in his hometown. You have 10 Presidents to go before you get to him. These are very interesting facts about the other A.J. POTUS. Thanks for sharing.


    1. Tippysmom, now that I know your connection with Andrew Johnson, the vice president who became president after the shocking assassination of Lincoln…we’ll be sure to give some golden nuggets just for you! Golden blessing on you and thanks for your comment. Loved it!

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