Golden Brodie barks on…moving and pets…

Now is “the time to sell a home”…that’s what my retriever dog ears hear anyway. Spring has sprung, kids will be out of school soon…folks are making their moves.  But the family dog could be clueless and possibly not prepared to relocate the dog bed.

If you’re not selling, you might just know someone who is.  If they have a dog…you might want to share some insights into how moves possibly impact pets and how to help pets deal with relocation.  Paws up for caring and being mindful of our four-legged friends.

4 thoughts on “Golden Brodie barks on…moving and pets…

  1. First…that face is adorable. Second, you are SO right abut the move and the way some dogs can be traumatized, if things are not handled properly. Important issue.


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