The flow of two: A forever love

Love builds a life for two

Love builds two content people

Love takes a piece of each and shares

Two become one

Poem by PamelaWLucas on 4/18/18 honoring First Lady Barbara Bush’s life and her 73-years of marriage to President George H.W. Bush.  The world is celebrating her life and their devotion to each other.

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History Nuggets: Woodrow Wilson Firsts and a Christmas Tree?

Lots of firsts for President Woodrow Wilson (No. 28)… first buried in the nation’s capital…  first President to have a PhD…the first to attend a World Series, first to want a national Christmas tree… and the first to travel overseas during his time in office. His legacy includes tariff reform, income tax, currency and credit reform, regulation of business, and better working conditions for the working masses. He left behind a legacy of domestic reforms, a revised and stabilized central government and broadly admired foreign policy.  We thank you 28…

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Christmas tree at the Capitol from 1913 in the Library of Congress Prints and Photographs Online Catalog.

History Nuggets: President William Henry Harrison and the Holly and the Ivy

William Henry Harrison, (No. 9) was not in the White House long enough to enjoy a Christmas season, serving only one month before he died of pneumonia after making—in the snow—the longest U.S. presidential inauguration speech on record.

William Henry Harrison, was born at Berkeley Plantation in Virginia on February 9, 1773.  His father, Benjamin, was a member of the Continental Congress and a signer of the Declaration of Independence. The young Harrison grew up on the James River just 30 miles from Yorktown, where Cornwallis surrendered to Washington. William, the youngest of seven children, learned to rely on himself early in life. The Christmas season was celebrated on Virginia plantations by attending church services and decorating their homes with holly and ivy. William, no doubt, followed the colonial boy’s custom of “shooting in the Christmas,” which consisted of firing their guns into the air on Christmas Eve morning.  “Oh the holly and the ivy…”

Hear the ancient Christmas song “The Holly and the Ivy”.

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History Nuggets: The skinny on John Q and where was Christmas?

John Quincy Adams (No.6) spent four Christmases in the White House and yet there is very little written about his Christmas celebrations, if indeed there were any.

President Adams was known to follow the same routine every day. He would arise early, swim nude in the Potomac, read several newspapers during breakfast and hold meetings. In the evening dinner was at 5 PM and then he would write in his diaries. He had been raised in Massachusetts where the Puritan distaste for Christmas celebrations may have affected his outlook and he would not have allowed Christmas day to interfere with this practice. However, First Lady Louisa Adams probably celebrated the Christmas holiday in a more prominent way for the children’s sake. There is no historical evidence of Christmas parties at the Adams White House, but Louisa was a very good hostess and may have sent invitations for Christmas dinner at the White House to further her husband’s political connections.  Bah, humbug…

Read from the personal diary of John Quincy Adams.

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History Nuggets: John Q #6 and the Christmas Poinsettia

The popular Christmas Poinsettia was first introduced to the U.S. during John Quincy Adams’ presidency (#6) by Joel R. Poinsett, the first diplomatic minister to Mexico.

In 1825, President Adams appointed Joel R. Poinsett as the first diplomatic minister to Mexico. The diplomat, an amateur botanist, found a plant growing wild in the southern states of Mexico and sent back samples to the US. Perhaps they arrived at the White House during the Christmas season, because the “Poinsettia” has grown into a very popular seasonal decoration.

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More on the Christmas Poinsettia 

History Nuggets: 1903 – Christmas tree smuggled inside the White House

President Theodore Roosevelt and his wife hosted a carnival at the White House for more than 500 children. They served a favorite of many past presidents — ice cream molded into the shape of Santa Claus. President Roosevelt did not approve of chopping down evergreens, so he banned them from the White House. However, his son smuggled in a tree and hid it in the sewing closet.

Theodore Roosevelt, 1858 – 1919, the 26th president of the United States (1901–09).

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History Tidbits: 20th President of US needed a metal detector

Who was the 20th President of the USA?  Hints:

He was the last of the “log cabin” presidents.

His assassin shot him in the back and arm.  He died in 1881 after serving only 200 days as 20th.

His inept doctor was possibly responsible for his death, as history says he could have survived his wounds.

His death helped launch the crude invention of the metal detector by Alexander Graham Bell.

Robert Todd Lincoln, first son of Abraham Lincoln, serving as this president’s Secretary of War was with 20th at the moment the assassin’s bullets struck.

So, who was the 20th?  James A. Garfield


Golden Brodie’s history nuggets: #8 POTUS & tigers, Oh My!

Born in 1782 and died during the Civil War…Kinderhook, New York was his birthplace… of Dutch decent and the son of a tavern owner…made it through middle school…then studied law and passed the bar…had the nickname of “Red Fox of Kinderhook” because of his red flaming hair…served faithfully in Andrew Jackson’s cabinet…was a senator…had a one term presidency from 1837–1841…his presidency began with financial crisis which he inherited…banks failing…know as the “Panic of 1837″…a real run on bad luck for Martin Van Buren…aka Red Fox…8th President of the United States.

Tiger cubs in the wild
Tiger cubs in the wild

No dog paws in the Red Fox White House but Van Buren was given a pair of tiger cubs by the Sultan of Oman…the cubs stayed with Red for a short period of time and then off to the zoo they went.  Bet they were beauties…

Golden Brodie the Golden Retriever…digger of history nuggets… signing off…over and out…