Buddha Quote: Walk the path

“No one saves us but ourselves. No one can and no one may. We ourselves must walk the path.”  Buddha

Inspirational photo by blickpixel at Pixabay

Uncomplicated thoughts: Reflection

Think carefully…contemplate…reflect

Tidal Basin-Washington Monument to the Jefferson Memorial
Tidal Basin-Washington Monument to the Jefferson Memorial

Inspirational photo provided by Fe Caces 6/17

Uncomplicated thoughts: Golden Wishes

Golden wishes and skies for all of our fathers.

Happy Father’s Day

Inspirational photos by J’net McMahon.  We met in the skies this very day and shared a flight from DC to Denver.  Facebook keeps us connected.  Big hugs to J’net.

Uncomplicated Thoughts: Abandoned

Looking out gives a different perspective

than when looking in.

Inspiring photo taken by Angela Bowling in an abandoned garnet mine near Asheville, NC 5/17

Uncomplicated thoughts: What’s the point?

Oblio can mess up your point…watch

everybody has one…