Golden Brodie sniffs out hurricane names 2017

Ok… my dog mind thought that each time a hurricane presented itself in the Atlantic…well…a bunch of people just decided on the spot what to name this horrible thing. But no…that’s so incorrect.

The World Meteorological Organization selects the names and the names are in rotation every six years…get it…rotation.  Best part of this name game…any hurricane that is really nasty and destructive…that given hurricane name is retired…so goodbye Harvey.  Prayers going out to all in the aftermath of Harvey and to those in the path of Hurricane Irma.

Read more about the naming of hurricanes.


Golden Brodie Barks: Anheuser-Busch cans lifesaving water

I’m watching all of the people and their four-legged animals who have lost their home in Texas…nowhere to go right now as the Harvey rains continue and threat of the dams overflowing looms large. So, while these raging waters are causing catastrophic situations…there came bright lights of giving… golden moments.  That’s right, all of the goodness that’s happening between humans is not being overlooked by this dog.  So many folks have come to help. Example… Anheuser-Busch stepped up giving cans of water…that’s right not cans of beer but crystal clear drinking water.  

Each year, Budweiser halts the beer making process to can water for emergency situations…so the much-needed water was waiting to help…and here comes Harvey and there goes the Bud Trucks to Texans in need.  Now that is a golden plan.  Drink up and be safe.

This retriever doesn’t drink beer…but if I did, I’d be throwing down a Bud to honor “This Buds for You.”



Golden Brodie barks: Houston is the top dog

That Harvey is hurting so many in Texas…it’s beyond my dog sensibilities.  But…Houston is showing a strength that goes beyond great organization to save lives…rises above human differences…seeks to flat-out help everyone in need…in peril…in danger.  Houston…you even opened up the Houston Convention Center to thousands of folks in need of a safe and dry place…and you let them bring their pets.

See… many people when rescued from the floodwaters would not leave their pets to drown or starve while they fled to safety.  They would not leave their pets behind…they were sticking with their animals.  So…Houston you stepped up in a big way yet again by allowing pets with their owners into the Houston Convention Center.

In closing, there are also animal rescue boats out right now…looking for abandoned pets…stranded pets… Paws Up…Safety first…prayers for all to survive and come another day with golden sunshine.

Photo of flood water by Pixabay

Haiku: Wings in the Hurricane

Winds rage at their wings
Fly ahead or wait the end
Such a wrath on earth

Haiku poem by PamelaWLucas 8/25/17

Inspirational photo by Pixabay

All hopes and prays for those in the path and surrounding areas of Hurricane Harvey.  Stay safe.

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