Brodie barks on presidents passing notes

Passing notes…an age old no…no…in the classroom. Students know this.  But then..talking now…do they pass paper notes these days or do they text each other…ok…so now teachers set ground rules for…No cell phones allowed in the classroom..or put your cell phone in the basket by the door as you enter and pick it up on your way out…if said teacher sees a phone in students hand during class…it becomes the “teacher’s phone” through the remainder of the day…and so it goes.  Well, presidents have been passing notes beginning with George Washington for many reasons…becoming a tradition.

My golden self really likes the note that President Ronald Reagan scribbled for George H.W. Bush… “Don’t let the turkeys get you down.” …left it in the Oval Office desk for “W” to find.  Ha!  But then, Ronnie had no idea that he was starting a tradition…a ritual…a practice…an institution…a praxis between the exiting president and the coming in president.

The notes are rather secretive…they’re personal. But…I wonder if they ever consider mentioning the dog…you know maybe…something simple like…The dog had a blast.  He’ll really miss the Secret Service walks and filing up the official White House Poop bags. Paws Up!



Brodie ponders which dog gets into the White House

I became curious about the lucky dogs that have lived in the The White House…lots of them..some more famous than others… for a host of different reasons that had nothing to do with the dog and everything to do with the folks who occupied the “People’s House.”  So…I began my research…My source was dog that lists dogs owned by presidents that resided in the White House…beginning with John Adams all the way through Barack Obama…lots of furry friends… all flavors and sizes…an impressive list I must say.  We dogs have established quite a track record for residing at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue…racing up and down the formal staircase…laying under the desk in the Oval Office…lounging under the Portico of the West Wing…leaving steaming dumps on the lawn for Secret Service folks to manage…

So…which dog(s) will be next…well the Lady has two dogs…Tally, a toy-poodle mix and Maisie, a curly mix.  Mr. T has a Labrador retriever, Spinee, who underwent extensive surgery this past summer…yes…Spinee has shared his medical records.

Now… you could always add this variable to your voting criteria…Which dog do I want to see in The People’s House?!

Remember the write-in information I researched for you???… well…consider you know how to spell golden retriever? (i before e except after c)… I’m just saying…


Brodie admits his increasing golden incertitude

Today became the “pay for play” topic by newspapers, Twitter, Facebook, CNN, MSNBC, FOX, BBC and the beat goes on..for the D Lady.  Today also became filled with reports of the Secret Service speaking about intentions to incite and encouragement of violence against the D presidential nominee…brought on by Mr. T.  Both sides strongly denied these accusations.  Time for some golden thoughts.

I have many play dates.  My humans arrange these fun times for me.  Some of these romps are impromptu, with neighbor dogs…sometimes I get to go to friends houses with fenced backyards and we dogs just run our guts out.  Other times, my people pay for my play…they arrange with my dog-sitters for me to play with other dogs…maybe dogs that I don’t know…but the humans set-up the romp based on our age, gender, habits and social skills…I have met some great dogs through “pay for play.”  I’m sure lucky that my caring humans have the money and the time to arrange these events.  I get that some dogs have no idea about these perks…they are lucky to get a safe walk and food.  My golden appreciative self wishes all dogs lived with my advantages…but I know that is only a dream in my dog mind.

In closing, I’m a golden who sees through lenses that are typically rosy and happy, so I can not even comment on this Mr. T stuff about encouraging violence…especially if intentional?!!  I can’t compare anything in my life that identifies with hurting others.  I’ll leave it…I know that works for me…when I have to leave it.