Brodie ponders which dog gets into the White House

I became curious about the lucky dogs that have lived in the The White House…lots of them..some more famous than others… for a host of different reasons that had nothing to do with the dog and everything to do with the folks who occupied the “People’s House.”  So…I began my research…My source was dog that lists dogs owned by presidents that resided in the White House…beginning with John Adams all the way through Barack Obama…lots of furry friends… all flavors and sizes…an impressive list I must say.  We dogs have established quite a track record for residing at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue…racing up and down the formal staircase…laying under the desk in the Oval Office…lounging under the Portico of the West Wing…leaving steaming dumps on the lawn for Secret Service folks to manage…

So…which dog(s) will be next…well the Lady has two dogs…Tally, a toy-poodle mix and Maisie, a curly mix.  Mr. T has a Labrador retriever, Spinee, who underwent extensive surgery this past summer…yes…Spinee has shared his medical records.

Now… you could always add this variable to your voting criteria…Which dog do I want to see in The People’s House?!

Remember the write-in information I researched for you???… well…consider you know how to spell golden retriever? (i before e except after c)… I’m just saying…


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