Brodie here. A Golden Commentary and Contemplation 5

What’s happening out there?

Remember, I’m an observant golden retriever who is giving you food for thought. Consider these possible solutions for both parties….. the R group, if necessary, could be nominating their presidential runner at their coming convention through…rock, paper, scissors, shoot and the D group could use…red rover, red rover send it’s all ready been decided over?  Brodie the Golden RetrieverHey, these problem solving strategies have settled many battles, time and time again on thousands of elementary school playgrounds throughout the world.  I’m just saying… What is a lyin’ narcissist?  Is that someone who lays down in the bed at night and becomes dishonest, two-faced, deceitful and double-dealing while clicking selfies??…What is going on out there? OK…Superdelegates love themselves, doing exactly as they please…regular delegates do what the state peeps say and pledged delegates promise not to stay out past 11:00 pm on week nights…some of these delegates are bound with their hands tied behind their backs, and according to party rules, they cannot play “Pin the Tail on the Donkey or Elephant at the conventions…bummer.

Is a minimalist like someone who drank from that little blue-bottle in “Alice and Wonderland” and as a result became very tiny??…was that bottle blue???… great novel but…I’m confused…Prom people please be safe.  Dog hugs to all of my followers and those who like and say so 🙂

This is exhausting.  Remember, when you pay attention and listen, you usually get a treat.

Go to: to get information about the Superdelegates.




2 thoughts on “Brodie here. A Golden Commentary and Contemplation 5

  1. I think you are on to something here Brodie, my friend. Loving the rock, paper, scissor and red rover idea. In a twisted way might make more sense. And yep it is definitely time for a treat……


  2. Chickengrandma, you always make my day even more golden. Thanks for tracking me. Walked through the honeysuckle grove this morning and thought about the “girls”.


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