Brodie explains “Extreme Vetting”

Lots of noise out there about Mr. T and his latest quotable sound bite regarding “extreme vetting.”  What he has proposed has happened in the past…according to The Washington Post 8/16/16…”It has happened before: During the Cold War, there was ideological screening under the 1940 Alien Registration Act, designed to prevent the entry of communists, anarchists and others. Immigrants are currently required to know basic civics as part of a citizenship test, and Trump’s extreme vetting would require visa applicants’ affirmative agreement with those principles — though he wasn’t clear whether he would do this with a legislative change (which would be unassailable) or a unilateral executive action.”  So there are few details in this vetting…let me fill in the golden blanks.

Vetting is something that I do on a regular basis. My buddies go through the same.  When I was a growing up pup, I experienced “extreme vetting” until I grew to one year.  Then the older I got the less this happened…but never the less, my vetting now happens at least bi-annually and if I’m lucky that’s it.  Vetting keeps me healthy, keeps me from making other dogs ill and ensures that I continue to live a healthy and happy golden life.  There is a price to pay for this. I must have my shots updated and recorded. Then I can get my tag that says I have had certain tests and I can’t give rabies. I must have a fecal check so as not to spread nasty communicable diseases. Sitting on a scale is required…a gum & teeth check occurs.  I don’t complete any forms or exercise my brain or make any statements about neutering or no-kill shelters or puppy mills…I don’t have to know that the cardinal is my state bird or that the tiger swallowtail butterfly is my state’s insect… I do annually live up to the social norms associated with me…we comply…so I live legally as a licensed domesticated dog within the great Commonwealth of Virginia.  Interesting that each state has its rules and regulations to abide by regarding licensing dogs.  I heart VA.

So… my vetting keeps me and others safe and I’m legal…Can’t comment of Mr. T’s.

4 thoughts on “Brodie explains “Extreme Vetting”

  1. The more I read this, the more my smile grew! 😀 This is priceless! And the pic of Brodie… kisses kisses kisses! : )


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