Brodie chews on the 3 ways to chase the Presidency

Who? Who is this person? Mr. Mc is a “well-funded independent candidate …that is going to at least try to get on 20-30 state presidential ballots,” according to The Washington Post, 8/9/16. “They say,” whoever “They are” Mr. Mc just might qualify for the coming presidential debates…big R money backing Mc.
Well, my golden self says bring it on Mr. Mc. Why not be a spoiler for Mr. T, why not give the fed-up R folks a candidate…even though Mc will sprint in the race as an Independent.  The D lady probably welcomes Mr. Mc… cause every vote for Mc is a vote bye-bye for Mr. T.  Remember Mr. J for the Libertarian Party?  The Green Party???…Do you recall my write-in…the Christmas Par-ty???Let’s look at this process.

There are three ways a person can become president of the USA…1) person gets nominated to represent a political party at a national nominating convention 2) a person runs as an independent, get tons & tons, heaps of signatures to get on the ballot and 3) be a write-in person..lots and loads and reams of paper work with 34 states accepting this process.  So…”let the games begin,”…”Katie don’t bar the door” and “Get on the bus, Gus”…”Be the ball”…Can’t wait to see the ballot on November 8th…might remind you of the confusion you’ve faced when ordering ice cream… so many flavors…and of course, you wanted three scoops, each one being different, in a cup and not a cone…and at that point you just go for chocolate or vanilla…in a cone…#done