Golden Brodie recalls this sad week of politics

Looking back on the last several days of strange political twists and outlandish turns has brought me to a bespattered spot with both candidates.  Shocking and increasing dismay rolled over my golden coat as the mud-slinging increased…and I mean wet sloppy mud that once it dries…it’s there for a long time.  Trust me I know about mud and getting into trouble with the brown stuff.  Once I hit that unassuming mud puddle…it’s Katie bar the door…because I am into it up to my …and into my ears.  Yeah…it’s a thrill until I finally stop…and boy do I pay for loosing my mind. While I have learned from my mistakes…I still must be ever mindful about the ups and downs associated with mud…and live up to being a proud and responsible golden…I will happily counsel with both candidates, helping them develop their mindfulness…practicing healthy communication…ending their involvement with mud-slinging.