Brodie covers… “off-putting” Presidential Candidates

Some folks find Mr. T’s (R candidate) eating habits “a little more than off-putting.”  Examples of what he consumes are McDonald’s, overcooked steaks, bacon and over-well eggs, taco bowls and foods on sticks.  Other says that the Lady’s (D candidate) “sharp lecturing tone” is off-putting… so off-putting that folks who are open to her message…they can even tune out…missing her message due to her penetrating tone.  Let’s examine this.

Mr. T’s food choices are fine with me.  There is not one single food item on his list that I would turn down…and I’d for sure drag all of these dishes out of my kitchen trash can…but then I’m a golden.

The voice of the Lady…well, we should all strive to listen to each other.  Maybe…just perhaps…when becoming passionate about her topic… she can’t help but raise her voice to make a point.  Now…I will also offer that my trainer and my people find me more cooperative and responsive to an even tone that allows me to slow down, relax and listen…but then I’m a golden.

“Off-putting” is a weird combo of words.  The “off” I totally understand…but when teamed up with the “putting”…well…it’s just offensive to my golden sensibilities.