Brodie Barks About Political Ducks in a Row

We’re nearing three months until Election Day for the President of the United States… November 8th…and what’s going on out there?… Both parties, if you read the newspapers and listen to the pundits…both parties face daily challenges, daily accusations, daily polls…daily mud-slinging…it’s the game…it’s the “who’s got their clear message out there and who’s got “their ducks in a row.”   Now just what does that mean???

The retriever in me knows about ducks, about their unpredictable flying patterns and just how they like to make patterns both in the air and on the ground.  I like ducks.  Our fine feathered friends are survivors…they stick together, they understand a formation & who has the strength to leader…cause a dumb duck becomes a dead duck.

So…getting your political ducks in a row means, get organized and understand what’s the next step…stay focused…don’t fly off…stay together…be clear on where you’re going and follow your leader…have a clear message…pounce when necessary…exude strength…offer sincere humility…and show undying devotion to our great nation and its safety and… remember what happens to dumb ducks.

Duck quote:  When under pressure, it is wise to behave like a duck. Keep calm and unruffled on the surface, but paddle like heck underneath. Anonymous