Brodie’s Political Quiz: What is Aleppo?

Answer this question if you can…background first …today a third-party candidate/Libertarian  candidate…running for the Office of the President of the United States…if you know his name…you get some points for that one…because the press has given little show time to this man/former governor…anyway…when asked…this candidate… on a major televised network…he got the question…there was a moment of silence and then an honest confession of not knowing.  All reporters, stations, the whole reporting world jumped all over this fellow.

So…let’s see if you know: What is Aleppo? Hint…It is not a variety of dog food (I thought that was the answer…OK..OK…my bad.) and it is not a thing, an object or a do-dad or a whatamacallit.  Ticktock, ticktock…  And the answer is: Aleppo is a major Syrian city.  Google it.  Perhaps we could all benefit from understanding Aleppo and its struggles and its global implications.  I’ve learned from this man today who did not know the answer…a man who told the truth…I’m thanking him now …he raised my golden curiosity and as a result I am more informed.

4 thoughts on “Brodie’s Political Quiz: What is Aleppo?

  1. I do know about Aleppo, Syria and he should have too. I do have several concerns about this man. He’s got no problem with late term abortions and he has no problem with amnesty for illegals. He has an unusual take legalizing pot..some say he’s a great guy cause he has foster children….I don’t think I could base my vote on that bit of info. Brodie, you must be careful hives once had, return more easily…

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