Brodie sniffs out “the claw back”

I enjoy the political rhetoric as it heightens and tightens…accuses and abuses…pivots and swirls…yes this is quite an arena of huffers and puffers…who remain ready to blow this presidential campaign…this loaded march…a fast march carrying a heavy load… from here to where and back.

My golden ears keep hearing about both candidates having the need to “claw back” this and that…getting something back with great difficulty.  Ok…let me spin this another way…I feel qualified, as I have four clawed paws and I understand how they work.

There are typically 319-321 bones that make up the skeleton of a dog with seven bones in the front paws and six in the back.  My dog paws have 5 different components: Claws, Digital paws, Metacarpal pad, Dewclaw, and Carpal pad…all of which serve me well. Now we find the political candidates needing claws to take back something that’s not easily done.  The way this works for me is the following:  someone trims my claws on a monthly basis… so I don’t have sharp and long nails that I could use to dig up something, scratch something, somebody or a fellow dog/cat, harm the hardwood floors, etc.  So…I am cared for in such a way as to not make it possible to claw back anything…I am relieved of these unwanted situation.

My golden self suggests that both candidates frequently trim their nails and carefully choose their words.




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