Brodie hunts down political speak

My golden self devotes time to expanding my vocabulary.  This requires my ears and hearing ready and open…and my dog brain engaged to learn.  So…I heard this the other day on a major network “scurrilous lies….”I had no idea what this “s-word” meant, so I went to Webster’s.  Scurrilous means “making or spreading scandalous claims about someone with the intention of damaging their reputation.”  What an epiphany I had…this handy adjective clearly describes political antics of today.  So…then I looked up the antonym for this “s-word” and found polite, clean and decent.  It’s never too late to change it up.

Let’s all, everybody… go for the paradigm shift in politics by changing our political conversations and behaviors…thereby rendering this “s-word” obsolete.

Ears up.

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