Brodie leaks on the process to elect

We are getting closer…moving in on Tuesday, November 8th..the big day…the colossal finale to this presidential race to the White House.  Can’t wait for that day…literally I could not wait…and I leaked all over the process.  It was an accident…I was not paid in golden coins.  There was no ill-gotten gain.  I have no allegiance to either the donkeys or the elephants. So…how am I different from the other leakers?  Well…the golden in me experienced self-evaluation and I’ll pay attention to not letting myself get into such a position again.  I received good training and understand the good.  I wasn’t chasing some promise of shiny dog toys or yummy snacks. My four legs also came forward and spilled it…told you what I did.  So…what have we learned…well…I’m going to curb it.

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