Brodie gives you a list…

My golden self likes lists…a list gets right to it…I remember orderly… short thoughts …a list is easy on my golden vocabulary…So here’s your list for daily reference as we prepare to get out and vote…

  • the wind is in your face if you stick your head out of the car window…ears flapping
  • some want to drain a swamp?…with their vote
  • there are 412 doors and 147 windows in the White House
  • Abe Lincoln said, “I destroy my enemy when I make him my friend.”
  • the White House has 50 Chemex coffee makers etched with the presidential seal
  • most want the best for USA…what is the best?
  • On November 8 the White House Bowling Alley will be vacant?
  • Blue and Red make purple?
  • Your health is everything…so is your care
  • Saying and doing are two different things
  • Golden thoughts…kind remarks…make the day

Read, ponder, vote


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