Brodie drops “The List” for Election Day

Amazing that over 10 million elephants and donkeys have already voted for their POTUS….as of October 29th…and November 8 is drawing near..the drop dead date…the final…the closing bell…the bottom-line…the jig will be up date.  So, I put together a golden list for your consideration…for those of you who are choosing to vote in a traditional manner…voting on THE DAY in your assigned polling place.  Remember that I am a dog and therefore cannot vote…but this would be my list to follow if I could…

  • Rise early and consume a healthy breakfast.  Avoid doubling down on anything…that’s over… and by all means “avoid any challenges such as “I triple-dog dare you to vote for ….Stand firm even if you feel the ground rocking under your paws…sorry feet.
  • Be sure to bring your Rabies Certificate…my bad… State Driver’s License.
  • Greet all donkeys and elephants who are working the entrance and exit polling.  Greet all who are running the voting process.  Grab some good karma while waiting.
  • Hear no evil, speak no evil, see no evil while waiting in the voting line.
  • Do not take a selfie while voting.  If you have a child/children, take them…lovely teaching moment.
  • Remember loose lips sink ships.  Keep it to yourself.
  • And finally, do not procrastinate… as we all know this can possibly lead to blocked bowel syndrome.
  • Vote and proudly wear your sticker.
  • Do not chase your tail…forgive me… don’t pace the floor during the returns.

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