Brodie marvels at escape artists: Rusty and Sunny

It’s in my dog genes to want to run and hide…jig and jag…get out there and run like the wind…but I must admit that I am a homebody…you’ll never find me running away…I have way too much to leave my happy golden space…and my training keeps me safe by coming when called.  Now Rusty and Sunny…those little escape artists think differently…after all they are wild and precious.

Rusty the Red Panda ran away from his home in the National Zoo in Washington, DC in 2013.  He pushed the boundaries of his safe life and headed out to Adams Morgan…a popular dining and entertainment spot on the fringes of the zoo…a lovely and diverse… vibrant neighborhood.  I’m guessing he enjoyed his escapade…and eventually he was found.  Hopefully, Sunny the Red Panda who escaped from the Norfolk Virginia Zoo just this week...will be safe until she is found by the many volunteers who continue looking for her.  The word is she was trying to get away from Thomas the Male Red Panda…mating season is on…guess Sunny needed to express herself by fleeing the scene.

These red cat-bears are really great looking creatures…so furry, full of life and kinda…sorta…thrill seekers?!?  Sending out golden prayers for Sunny’s safe returned to her home in the Virginia Zoo.

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