Brodie barks about dogs going to 9-5

You might not like going to your work…getting up…commuting…commuting back…then get up and do it again.  Well, I gotta tell you dogs see it this way…many do not like watching their owners get up…unhappy…sucking on a cup of coffee…then walking at the dog-poop pace…then closing the door behind them… so the work day can begin…staying & waiting for the door to open.  It’s a lonely drag for dogs.  So, here comes the U.S. Department of Interior…(Mind you I am not a political creature.)…wanting to allow their employees…on Fridays…to bring their dog to work!  It’s a trial…its a let us see if this helps create a “happy” department!!! How golden cool is that?!

So, get out of the way…pour me some java…get the poop thing going and off WE go!  Nobody left at home to see that door close.  Paws up on this one.

Why allowing dogs in the office is a good idea.


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