Acrostic Poem: Honoring President George Washington’s Birthday, February 22, 1732

George Washington by PamelaWLucas

General you led us through Valley Forge to many victories

Energy flourished in your tall frame

One among yourself, standing in glory

Riding on Nelson’s back, you must have been grand

Greatness came and visited you each day, lingering

Every person, man or woman loved to be in your presence

Washington is a name that is known to us all

Among all those who have led us, you remain in our hearts

Such a kind and respectful man who simply wanted to farm

Helping and guiding, directing and leading

In the face of danger you grew strong and never faltered

Nelson was your steady steed, a Chestnut that carried you

Giving of yourself, through sorrow and lonely moments

Teaching the troops how to fight the British

Only one among himself, “The Father of Our Nation”

Never to be forgotten, The Soldier, The Hero, The President

More here about George Washington and his horse Nelson.

Brodie brings a golden history nugget: Immigrant squirrel sponsored by Benjamin Franklin

Benjamin Franklin loved Eastern gray squirrels…loved them so much that during his diplomatic services (1770) in England he sent word to his wife Deborah to send some of the gray creatures across the pond to him.  He would then give them as gifts.

Portrait of founding fathers with Benjamin Franklin as the focal point along with George Washington
Portrait of founding fathers with Benjamin Franklin, representing Pennsylvania, as the focal point along with George Washington

Mungo was the treasured gray who met a rather viscous death…so loved was the furry gray that Mr. Franklin wrote a special elegy.

Golden squirrel love and paws up!

Golden Brodie fetches a gator and silks on #6

#6…John Quincy Adams born 1767…first son of a former president to become POTUS…first president photographed… born in Braintree, Massachusetts…Harvard grad… traveled abroad assisting his father…who was a founding father… outstanding multilingual talents…Q spoke English,French and Russian fluently and got by with Greek, Italian and Spanish.  John Q’s life had him as a young boy witnessing the Revolutionary War practically in his MA backyard…he knew Thomas Jefferson well and hung out with Benjamin Franklin’s grandchildren…in his father’s footsteps…he dedicated his life to public service…architect of the Monroe Doctrine…after his presidency he served as U.S. Representative from Massachusetts in 1830, serving for the last 17 years of his life with greater acclaim than he had achieved as president.

Best golden digs…Q did not have a dog while in the White House…he did however, have an alligator gifted to him from the Revolutionary War hero the Marquis de Lafayette’s family.  In the absence of social media then…ha!… we don’t know how the lovely first lady Abigail Adams felt about the reptile…but the toothy jawed creature lived in a bathtub in the East Wing…constantly shocking people with its mere image…eventually finding a new home (unknown location.)  Abigail also raised silk-worms and the silks contributed in the making of her dresses.  How about that?!  Gator and silks…

Young alligator in the reeds
Alligator in the reeds…not in a bathtub
A silkworm eating a Mulberry leaf
Silkworm eating to make a dress