Brodie barks about a special tree that come every Christmas Season since 1923

My golden dog sled is ready to take me to the official lighting of the National Christmas Tree on the South Lawn (the backyard) of the White House on Thursday, December 1.  But wait, how did this 94-year-old tradition get its start?

Pres. Calvin Coolidge lights the first outdoor Christmas Tree on the White House Lawn
In 1923, Pres. Calvin Coolidge lights the first outdoor Christmas Tree on the White House Lawn

When our 30th President, Calvin Coolidge, along with his family, celebrated their first Christmas in the White House…they decided to have a tree for all of the people.  So, on December 24, 1923, the first official National Outdoor Christmas Tree was lite.

This event has evolved into a huge televised celebration with entertainment and something for every peep that continues throughout the holiday season.  For instance, The National Hanukkah Menorah Lighting Ceremony will take place on Sunday, December 25, 2016, 4 p.m.

I’ll close with some words to the wise.  Trees inside can blow a dog’s mind… we become challenged to maintain our cool with the tree and decorations and all…so think about how to help us do the right us avoid watching the sad clean ups and pet shame…we want a happy and calm time.  I’m just saying…Here comes the season to be jolly (and wise about the four legs in your home.)

P.S.  For you cats out there…maybe this will help ya’ll stay off the tree and on the floor.  Good luck with that.


Brodie gets close and licks your ear

The golden in me wants to get close to you, lean on you…maybe lick one of your ears.  See dogs are really good at knowing human upset…good at reading your emotions…good at feeling your unhappiness…feeling your joy.

So…please allow me to move in on you if you are working through some feelings…some emotions related to the outcome of our presidential election last night.  I was with my people and although I didn’t understand…I read the room and moved into my humans…giving my golden self to my good peeps.  I never miss an opportunity to get pets…if you read the researched article…science “has no clue” how a dog’s brain works…but I get it…we just need ya and you need us.

We all need each other…

Brodie reports…dead donkeys and elephants vote?

Looking for "The Rainbow Bridge"
Looking for The Rainbow Bridge

How can this be…??  Let me explain the after life for dogs. (Our dear friends the cats, as well, all gods animals.) Once we have gone from our western world and culture…we jump over “The Rainbow Bridge.”  This is a super special place that waits ready for animals only.  All animals are welcomed…there is forever peace and happiness…no pain…no need for heart worm medicine…no medicine/vets period…no allergies…you can sleep wherever you want…no need for fences…you go wherever you want…lots of treats…tons of play toys and balls…incredible swimming…fetching & retrieving for all…training classes are available for those who choose to self-improve…no need for dog parks…it’s one big hang out spot…and all are friends and included. AND, thanks to Pope John Paul II…in 1990…he declared that “all dogs go to heaven” because they have a soul and god created us all.  So there you have it…we have dual citizenship…the bridge…and heaven.  Yeah…

Heavenly sky
Heavenly Sky

As far as donkeys and elephants voting after death…I’m not clear on this… research indicates that voter fraud exists... confusion…denial…antiquated systems…dishonesty…all wrap into millions of illegal votes cast.

The way I see it, all gods creatures can qualify for the right to vote…and because animals can jump over the rainbow AND live in heaven there is no stopping that action…Golden applause for dual citizenship.

Brodie woofs about the “Spin”

Round One of the presidential debates…ding, ding…over…who won…who knows…do you care?!?… Some demonstrate excessive patterns with this race to the White House…like pundits, the media, newspaper writers, pollsters…and a conglomerate of human beings that continue to “spin” the “after-debate” to favor their candidate…ad nausea…Hey how about that word!  But let’s get back to spin.

According to the Cambridge Dictionary…spin as a noun refers to a particular way of representing an event or situation to the public so that it will be understood in a way that you want it to be understood, i.e., “They put a positive spin on the story, but no one was fooled.” Now…spin as verb means to turn around and around, or to cause something or someone to turn.  That’s the spin my four-legged brain understands.

See…one of my canine friends suddenly became hooked on the spin…spinning and chasing his tail…he’d do this frantically when he was super stressed out…and once he got going there was no stopping him until he reached complete exhaustion.  His loving people took him to a dog behaviorist…and wow… He learned to run through tunnel agility courses in straight lines…he increased his daily exercise routine & mental stimulation… worked with activity toys, puzzles and problem solving games that helped relieve stress and re-focus his mind and Voila!…no more spin!  So…clearly we have a simple cure to reduce the spin…like…avoid stress…be sure to exercise, run straight lines and work challenging puzzles…got that?!?!

Next debate is between the vice presidential candidates schedules on Tuesday, Oct. 4, 2016, 9 p.m. EST.  Paws up and run those tunnels…

Brodie leaks insights into “Digging a Hole”

Digging a hole has always given me extreme pleasure.  While I can’t speak for other breeds, I can offer that retrievers are excellent hole diggers. We dig holes sporadically.  I have yet to wake up in the morning and declare that I would dig a hole that day…it just happens… whenever…with little thought…without thinking of the associated consequences.  We dogs dig shallow holes, deep holes…we sling dirt and mud and don’t care where it flies.  We dig with our paws and for the pure joy of it all.  This present political race to the White House presents some hole digging insights.

Think about how you’ve seen these folks running for the Office of the President… you’ve seen both sides dig a hole so quickly and so deeply that they become trapped.  So there is a difference between dog holes and people holes.  Dogs digging a hole is simply a sublime moment of pleasure…for politicians its disaster…Dogs dig joyfully with their paws and public servants move the earth with their wagging tongues…Dogs never clean up or close their holes and if lucky the hole…the work of dog art goes unnoticed. Political folks have to fill in the hole, back track, side step, deny, re-state, deny, pivot, us words that are opposite of what brought them into the hole in the first place.  Adding clarity, the lady’s holes are usually drilled carefully with cherry picking skills interjected…the Mr. T’s shallow holes resemble a wide ditch…whatever the description…both sides seem to have a penchant for digging holes that won’t fill back up and disappear.

Bottom line:  Dogs deserve to dig a nice hole now and then…folks running for the presidency of the USA…not recommended…





Golden Brodie Releases his App…End Troubling E-Mails

Have you ever wished you had not sent a certain e-mail to a certain person…in business, leisure, a family member, a lover, a done lover, a doctor or lawyer or even worst, to the media or a group of politicians?  Do you forget when communicating through e-mails that the world is there…out there with folks that would just love to get your message and do who knows what with it.  Y’all said yes…be honest…

It’s time you get this app, designed and developed by Brodie, the retriever that knows how to save you from yourself…from the moment when you hit return and can’t get it back… from the moment when a WikiWackie reaches in and runs with your stuff.

Brodie used his natural retriever instinct to develop this free app that will alleviate flying e-mails from your finger tips.  Easy and fast to download, once done, you’ll be in a safer place so others cannot call for your head, call for your resignation, call you names or boo you.

This app reacts to your every e-mail, especially if you participate with a server that caters in any way to the D Party or the R Party…but don’t worry Brodie has covered all parties and independents.

Simply enter your e-mail and when completed, hit enter just like you always do…the app will then go into action, retrieve your message, hold your message and wait for your responses to the questions that will follow to you within 5 minutes. (The cooling down period/rethink this time).  The message reads:  “Are you sure you want to do this”?  Answer the prompt: Yes or No.  Next prompt will show Brodie himself bringing a rolled up message to you in his soft golden mouth.

Follow the prompts: Did you realize that this app does not keep your message out of the hands of meddling people?  Yes or No.  Would you like your mother to read this, the DNC, the RNC, the FBI, another head of a country, the whoever you can think of that should not have access to this?  Yes or No  Are you out of your mind?  Yes or No.  Depending on your responses, Brodie will either take the e-mail, dig a hole and keep the e-mail for 24 hours…then repeating the process or he’ll quickly release the document based on your, hopefully truthful answers.  Delete is always an option.

Be among the first to allow Brodie to save you from yourself.  Think of this as a life-changing free offer and let Brodie save your a..


Golden Brodie Dogs it to Philadelphia for Ice Cream

Well, welcome one and all to the great city of Philadelphia, PA…to the home of the Hoagie, the Pork and the Philly Cheese Steak sandwiches…you name it sandwiches!…  These folks in the City of Brotherly Love, the 5th largest populous city in the USA is packed with D Party members, voters sitting on the fence, Super-delegates (some possibly in disguises), and the Bern people who came with support for the lady and some of the Bern people who are prepared to be an irritant to the Lady and to her newly announced running mate, Mr. K.  Those two folks are definitely going to have sand in their pants and perhaps all of the sandwich eaters gathered in the Wells Fargo Center will catch this…and sandy pants my friends is not only uncomfortable, but if sand is left tooooo long, an ugly rash could surely appear raising its ugly head…band-aids please.  But what does that have to do with ice cream?

There were whispers and little rumblings that Ben Cohen, yes the Ben of Ben & Jerry’s…yes the Vermont ice cream guy is attending the D convention.  That my friends is why I dogged it to “The Keystone State”.

See… B&J in the past have created a special designer ice cream for people that they admire and/or wanted to celebrate.  There was the “Cherry Garcia” created for Jerry Garcia”; “Whirled Peace” created for John Lennon; and “Yes, Pecan,”to celebrate the inaugural of the 44th President of the United States.

So, I’m on a mission to find Ben and lick his ears and give him the golden retriever lean and persuade him to make an ice cream that honors all dogs.

There is not one person who has mentioned dogs in these political speeches…and I have been listening. So, my hope is that Ben will decide to make “Peach Paws Swirl”.  Luscious, and made to honor all dogs in this world…all dogs that have no vote…all dogs that rely on humans…all dogs that suffer needlessly…and all dogs that have great lives and lastly all dogs that jumped the Rainbow Bridge.  If Ben decides to take up my golden idea…then next comes “Purrrfect”, vanilla, with tiny bits of chocolate shaped like fish.  I adore cats.  Where are you Ben?


Golden Brodie…Roll call for “The Boy”

It’s in Cleveland…the GOP is arriving and filling up the “Q”. Some of the folks have come knowing they will change their minds…change their vote when the roll is called..Ha!..what roll call?!!.There will possibly be unbinding that will happen on the floor and I don’t know, but that could be rather unattractive, you know possibly turn some people off…that unbinding thing sounds like something that should only happen behind closed doors…maybe in the sanction of one’s bathroom??…but sounds like there will be  a “floor fight”.  Is that like when leashes get tangled and then it can get ugly…if it is then based on experience, I don’t recommend this…very messy… very dramatic…

Speaking of folks, interesting who’ll show… some “big cheese people”, some “Stop T screamers”,some “steamrollers”, a dame who slams golf balls and a dude in briefs…a whole lot of “T” and just a wee bit of “P”.  And forget the roll call, the “Yeas, have it”..

Let’s get to the important stuff…Cleveland is known for its “City Chicken” and “The Polish Boy”.  Now the City Chicken is really chunks of pork on a skewer with different stuff lathered on it.  The Polish Boy is a kielbasa polish sausage on a bun with a layer of french fries, barbecue sauce and a tangy coleslaw.  Sign me up!  That boy gets my vote!

Golden Brodie questions a Political Flying Machine and Dressing?

The research speaks for itself regarding the intelligence of dogs… the vocabulary of a dog…no wonder I try so hard…a golden dog trying to understand politics.

According to learned psychologists and experts on dog intelligence, the average trained dog understands 160-165 words.  Super smart dogs have a vocabulary upward to 250 words…like that of a 2 1/2-year-old child.  So give me a break when I tell you that I remain confused with the political conversations and shared rhetoric on both sides as they race to the White House.   And by the way, my golden self is not ranked among the super smart and I am OK with that.

Written on refrigerator -Throw This?
A political pundit describing a recent speech given by the democratic candidate…”she threw the refrigerator at him”.

So, after the Bern Man and the Lady finally came together and announced their “togetherness”, she “threw the refrigerator”at the opposing sides presumptive candidate in her speech that sealed the deal between her and Sandy as they stood on the dias together.  I know this is a strong woman and hopefully we respect this about her… but it’s impossible, is it not, that she threw a kitchen appliance at anyone…?!?  In response… to her flying apparatus, the R guy did not even duck… He’s spending most of his time nailing down his vice presidential running mate…it’s said that…”He’s searching for the running mate who will help him to “change the dressing”.  So, here they both are now in the kitchen.  She’s supposedly throwing everything she can get her hands on at this one…while he, supposedly, is looking for his number two guy who’ll represent change, a change-over from the usual oil & vinegar slick to what?…thousand island perhaps??…he’s definitely not thinking green goddess for sure…and whatever his change over dressing is…it will be served on the side.

Brodie spins a political satire.

I do believe that I used up my entire word bank on this one.



Brodie here. A Golden Commentary and Contemplation 13

Where to begin with the political scene?  With yesterdays chain of events, my befuddled golden head had to seek a cool corner, not due to the summer heat, but because of the unending chicanery and duplicity that continues to surface on both sides in the race for the presidency of the USA.

Brodie the Golden Retriever
Brodie thinking and taking a ride.

The presumptive D candidate yesterday played out this way…”charged with political disaster”…”careless not criminal”…”the truth factor issue”…”bribery”…”it’s not over with ongoing investigations from and through the FBI”… there was a plethora of troubling and unclear accusations.  The closer for this fair lady was when the 44th gave his stump speech supporting her race to the White House. As he sat on the stage with the lady, she kept pointing out all of the many areas, mostly domestic in nature that are in serious need of repair and policy changes.  Yes, and she would make things happen that have not been happening for years… and people don’t want to continue waiting.  Confusing??…  And the 44th agreed silently, smiling to the crowd as he stumped.  Wow!  That was a running dichotomy…a conflict…he didn’t…so she would?  I’m beyond understanding this.

The presumptive R candidate today played out this way…”hundreds of bankruptcy filings hurting the little workers…”continued business practices that harm the hard-working people”…”he won’t pay and doesn’t care”…”frequent flyer in bankruptcy”…a shameful man…”used bankruptcy laws to his credit”…”still has not released his tax return”…”not fighting for the average person but for himself”…I’m beyond understanding this.

I’m a dog.  I have a job.  I do my job and when I don’t, more training shows up for me.  This is good.  My golden goal shows me as a well-behaved and trusted golden that gives happiness to others.  So, if you are a government employee, part of your job is acting in a credible and ethical manner. If you are a business person, part of your job is acting in a credible and ethical manner.  Enough said…  Perhaps this race could use some golden goals.