Golden Brodie with elephants and donkeys

Mrs. T gave her big moment to the R folks at the Q in Cincinnati, with T and P there and 20,000 plus folks wearing buttons and hats celebrating the R National Convention 2016.  She was welcomed by the big T man walking through the fog to the music of a champion.  The fog lifted and out she came, lovely in white and prepared to deliver a first-lady type speech.  The elephants delighted in the moment.  Their trunks were still and they listened with their big ears. Now today, the day after, the elephants and the donkeys woke up to the word “plagiarism”that in one word summed up Mrs. T’s speech.  Donkeys began hee-hawing & chewed their cud, while the elephants began running into each other and stampeding.

Plagiarism, the old copy and lift, the old cut and paste..bad choice…leave that bone alone…Mrs. C’s server thing…bad choice…leave that bone alone… “Leave It”.  Until both sides made up of these magnificent animals decide to understand this command, we are all headed down the zoo road.