Golden Brodie on the Loose…declares allegiance to the Christmas Par-ty

Ok, ok…yes I was in Starbucks this morning…waiting in the long and silent line… and yes, I did declare my allegiance to the Christmas Par-ty  It was a calculated moment on my part.

I figured that the good people in the Q…desperately in need of being caffeinated and in a uge…hurry …would benefit greatly from being with me at my selected kick-off spot…my declaration.  I played off the scientific findings that when combining a need for a caffeine fix & being in an awful hurry, you have folks that will agree to just about anything…So I announced with a great deal of surprise that the Christmas Par-ty was alive and well and no-one need to sign a pledge to come…together.  The only stipulation was that 1) You show up. 2) You say nice things about the Christmas Par-ty. 3) No complaining about the hospitality that brought you there.

My golden self is really wondering about what I did.  I’m wondering if I will regret this dogged move.  I know that my actions were just a skoch (check the Urban Dictionary) selfish, but in the end, those folks that stood there with me who needed a boost…some golden declaration was yet another opportunity for par-ty unity.  So let’s Part-y!