Golden Brodie Releases his App…End Troubling E-Mails

Have you ever wished you had not sent a certain e-mail to a certain person…in business, leisure, a family member, a lover, a done lover, a doctor or lawyer or even worst, to the media or a group of politicians?  Do you forget when communicating through e-mails that the world is there…out there with folks that would just love to get your message and do who knows what with it.  Y’all said yes…be honest…

It’s time you get this app, designed and developed by Brodie, the retriever that knows how to save you from yourself…from the moment when you hit return and can’t get it back… from the moment when a WikiWackie reaches in and runs with your stuff.

Brodie used his natural retriever instinct to develop this free app that will alleviate flying e-mails from your finger tips.  Easy and fast to download, once done, you’ll be in a safer place so others cannot call for your head, call for your resignation, call you names or boo you.

This app reacts to your every e-mail, especially if you participate with a server that caters in any way to the D Party or the R Party…but don’t worry Brodie has covered all parties and independents.

Simply enter your e-mail and when completed, hit enter just like you always do…the app will then go into action, retrieve your message, hold your message and wait for your responses to the questions that will follow to you within 5 minutes. (The cooling down period/rethink this time).  The message reads:  “Are you sure you want to do this”?  Answer the prompt: Yes or No.  Next prompt will show Brodie himself bringing a rolled up message to you in his soft golden mouth.

Follow the prompts: Did you realize that this app does not keep your message out of the hands of meddling people?  Yes or No.  Would you like your mother to read this, the DNC, the RNC, the FBI, another head of a country, the whoever you can think of that should not have access to this?  Yes or No  Are you out of your mind?  Yes or No.  Depending on your responses, Brodie will either take the e-mail, dig a hole and keep the e-mail for 24 hours…then repeating the process or he’ll quickly release the document based on your, hopefully truthful answers.  Delete is always an option.

Be among the first to allow Brodie to save you from yourself.  Think of this as a life-changing free offer and let Brodie save your a..