Brodie Yaps Out… A Green Secret?!?!

Yeah…the Green Party had a Green Party Presidential Convention in Houston yesterday…and who knew?!?! I wish I had been up on that…I adore Houston…I bet they even had green balloons…maybe even some gluten-free, free-range egg cake with green icing, and super-cold, iced green tea.  So why did I not know about this?!?!

The plethora of information that swirls and runs full force daily for the D Party and the R Party is mind numbing…my golden brain can’t take but so much…I would have welcomed the press devoting more time to these “third-party” people as they sprint to the White House…not favored but in the hunt.  Now, additionally, I learn about this Mr. J…he’s the presidential nominee for the Libertarian Party and a former governor of New Mexico…where are the stories??…where is the coverage??…what day do they debate?!?…

So, I leave you with homework…retrieve time each day…read about these two parties that challenge the conventional and customary “two-party system.”  You just might end up at a party you never thought you’d attend.

Research Ralph Nader…third parties…nothing new.


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