Brodie visits Pinocchio in the political hospital

I found my golden self in the political hospital intensive care visiting poor abused Pinocchio.  He’s been put through the ringer (Google it). His weary nose  continues stretching to record lengths during this race to grab the role of POTUS in 2017.  He really didn’t want to chat… He did reveal that he keeps trying to go into hiding, but alas the media is on him like a duck on a June bug (Google it).  Here’s why…

The Washington Post has a column by Glenn Kessler, journalist…Glenn researches statements, promises made by our candidates…vetting the statements…he uncovers half-truths/stretching the truth/full lies/flip-flopping and the piece de resistance comes when he awards a “Geppetto Checkmark” which represents “the truth and nothing but the truth.” Score is being kept for these infractions/stretches of the truth spouted by the Lady (D Party) and Mr. T (R Party) as they stump their way through rallies, gatherings, town hall meetings, interviews…late night scenes…Seems Mr. T has more Pinocchio’s than the Lady… however, the Post is quick to point out that Mr. T has made more speeches and appearances…and offered loads of impromptu remarks… than the Lady who reads from prepared scripts and has limited her appearances…he keeps getting caught up in his cuffs and she continues to deliver her lines promptly…

In the meantime, poor Pinocchio needs a vacation on an island that offers daily facials.  Put him in your thoughts as we roll toward the presidential debates.  Pinocchio told me he plans to fill his ears with cotton, turn off the TV…shut down his computer, mute his phone and hope that his nose picks up no vibrations…unless…of course…Geppetto Checkmark’s begin filling the airwaves.  Could happen?!

3 thoughts on “Brodie visits Pinocchio in the political hospital

  1. I feel so bad that my friend Pinocchio’s name is associated with lying and that his nose is drawn into the ugly political atmosphere of contemporary times. Pinocchio is a good Italian boy and an epic hero in his own right. He struggled through his apotheosis to become purified and noble and wise which is something that none of our politicians can achieve. I stand with my fellow Italian, Pinocchio.

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    1. It’s so true. I value his story & my thoughts of his strength. He’s still at the top
      Of my find childhood memories. I adore Figaro..the first cat I loved. Pinocchio was an easy mark for the post. He’s still golden in my mind🐾🐾👍

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