Uncomplicated thoughts: Colony Collapse

Buying plants treated with neoniconoids (commonly used pesticides) can cause colony collapse…killing bees or changing their behavior.  Protect the honeybees…beware of neoniconoids when buying plants and seeds.

Help save the honeybees…it’s not complicated to make a difference.


Golden Brodie admires beauty and its beast

Heads up my human friends…these oleander plants bear such beauty…they are hearty in warm zones across the United States…and they are poisonous to humans, dogs, cats, horses, cattle and birds.

Enjoy the beauty and be aware…

White oleander flowers us close
Up close oleander beauty

Sharing a golden love of nature…paws up!

The natural world Haiku: Bug lady

Delicate and round

Red showing tiny black spots

mini hidden wings

Haiku by PamelaWLucas 3/28/17

Inspiring and contributing photo by Tara McLaughlin in Charlottesville, VA 3/17

Golden Brodie barks about garden beauty and the beast

Dogs see flowers differently than humans …dogs don’t know when a flower is poisonous…you humans do know however… because you can read about potential threats…some of us dogs see flowers as just another something to eat…so please read and use this credible dog source when planting your garden…when walking your dog…paws up for you folks that realize the beauty of nature also has potential danger for us puppies…a big golden thanks for keeping us safe.

Haiku: Rescue the swarm

Seeking their shelter

Keep safe, rescue busy bees

Need tiny workers

Regardless of where you live, seek a live bee removal to save the honey bees should they swarm near your home or surroundings.

Do your part…plant bee friendly flowers, don’t use pesticides and don’t ever exterminate precious honey bees.

Haiku by PamelaWLucas 3/27/17

Inspiring and contributing photo by Phil Redinger in Port Wentworth, GA 3/17


The Natural World Haiku: Hellebore

Spring awakening

In buttercup family

Poisonous beauty

Haiku by PamelaWLucas 3/26/17

This ancient flower is a member of the poison gardens.

Thank you Veronica Sanchez for sharing your lovely photo.  See Veronica offering service dogs, therapy dogs and pet training using gentle, humane methods


Haiku: Nature’s tank

Oh horn of beauty

Nature’s tank on the landscape

Africa Asia

Haiku by PamelaWLucas 3/25/17

Photo compliments of Pixby

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