Golden Brodie digs on the mulch beds

Dogs like to dig…at least this dog does.  So, heads up to all on the mulch issue.  Yeah, it seems that certain mulch types are toxic to dogs.  Read on if this is something you need to know to keep your pooch safe.

And while you’re here, check out why dogs dig and how to help manage this.

Golden thoughts: Help manage dog-gone habits and safety first.

7 thoughts on “Golden Brodie digs on the mulch beds

  1. An important post for our four legged friends and us!
    I know one of my little pooches sniffs about the mulch; in fact anything new! She is soooo curious with all new smells ~ as she should be. But, yes, some mulches are certainly toxic. We have been getting the sugar cane mulch the past couple of years and it seems quite safe for us all… as well as being quite long lasting.. 🙂
    Hard to believe your Brodie has dug down so far… It would be hard to believe without the photo evidence! 🙂


      1. Thank goodness for that; you wouldn’t have a lawn left, otherwise…. He sure looks like he’d be a gorgeous dog, though! (Even if he does destroy his master’s lawn.)


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