Brodie brings golden affection to Honor and Glory

The retriever in me is real.  This manifests itself in me daily…I gather my tattered dog toys and present them to folks.  I get sticks and bring them home…I love to have something in my mouth…but you can forget that something being a bird.  Field trained Goldens are excellent at retrieving gamebirds…but not this dude.  I golden love birds…all kinds of birds and today especially the American Bald Eagle.

In Washington, DC months ago…a pair of eagles made their huge nest to raise their two eaglets at the National Arboretum…in the tall trees.  Mr. President and First lady have been attentive and giving parents…adored and observed daily by the Metro population.  Their babies, originally called DC4 and DC5 have now been given their names…after 30,000 ballots were cast.  Honor is a female.  Glory’s sex is not known.

So…as Francis of Assisi said…”All praise is yours, all glory, all honor, and all blessings.” All blessings and good life wishes for these amazing birds.


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