Brodie here. Golden Commentary and Contemplation 12

So yeah, where were we.  Last we were together, political confusion was swirling. My golden mind still needs clarity.  I’m lost in a golden sea regarding the political scenes that keep rolling through the news feeds, newspapers, social media and the air in general.  The words, yes the lingo is perplexing.

Presidential hopefuls or aspiring presidential hopefuls are often referred to as blithering or dithering.  Confusing.  Blithering, I get this one…that’s someone that babbles…and what is babble…well, I think I babble when I really want something like bacon and I don’t get it…so I know…make noise..hoping for a positive outcome.  Then dithering…well that’s a wee more complicated.  See, to a dog a dithering person is someone (a well-meaning individual, of course) who says one thing with words…like “Sit”, when what they really want is a “down”… and my friends there is a difference.   “Dithering politicians”, just need more training…they need to get out of their own way.

These are confusing times, these are the best of times.



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